5 Tips for Creating a Research Paper Without Plagiarism

Research is a crucial process in which you must be careful not to steal someone else’s words, ideas, and facts. Because if you do, it will undermine your academic integrity. That’s why, while doing research, you must use your studies, observations, experiences, and ideas. Therefore, whatever you write in your paper will be completely free of copying and plagiarism. This will not only give you self-confidence, but when your article goes for publishing, you won’t have to face any issues that may affect your career badly later on.

The element of plagiarism does not occur in your content due to intentional attempts. Still, sometimes it happens unintentionally when you unknowingly use someone else’s words or research results in your paper. Thus, it is essential to use some methods while doing your work so that you do not have to face bitter consequences. In this blog post, we will tell you about five ways that can help you protect your work from all kinds of forbidden blunders.

Remarkable Tips to Avoid Plagiarism in Research Paper

While writing a research paper, most institutes allow up to 15-20 percent plagiarized content usually, but if you do so, your career won’t take a leap of success anytime soon. Hence, always try to be original and completely distinctive in your work to earn a name for yourself in academics. Therefore, let’s shed light on some of the potential techniques to avoid every kind of duplicated text in your writing.

  1. Conduct A Deep Research On Your Topic

The primary mechanism to follow before assembling material to write your research paper is to do a deep study on the topic. This will help you comprehend the core theme of your subject matter better. Consequently, you would be able to write on the topic free flowingly. Hence, the ratio of duplicated material from other sources will drop down, which will keep you away from any kind of copying.

  1. Paraphrase Your Text

Another helpful practice while writing research work is paraphrasing the text into your own words if you grab some information from others’ work. When you paraphrase a text, don’t keep the original source in front of you. Because in that scenario, it will be difficult for you to write alternative words and sentence structures. It is a tough job that demands strong attention and avid reading to learn the art of making your sentences.

However, due to the advancement in technology, some online utilities can help you in this matter. For example, you can use an online paraphrasing tool to rephrase specific sentences to make them look unique. Other than that, if you feel any kind of plagiarism in your text, you can use a paraphrase tool in that case also. You just need to place the suspicious lines in such a facility, which will reshape them matchlessly.

  1. Cite Your Sources Properly

Do cite your sources properly when you are writing your research paper. Sometimes, you have to put the original words from the sources as they create a more substantial impact than the idea you portray in your words. Therefore, it is your moral obligation to mention the rightful source and author you find in your paper. This will add value to your credibility as a researcher because that shows that you have the guts to give due credit to others where necessary. Doing so, you won’t be accused of any kind of plagiarism.

  1. Mark Your References Properly

This is another practical approach to escape plagiarism accusations in your research paper. You perform this action by dedicating a page to referencing in your paper in which you mention all the sources from which you took any data. In every reference, you include:

  • The author’s name.
  • Source name.
  • The name of the publisher.
  • Publishing date as per the suggestions of your referencing style.
  1. Ensure the Uniqueness of Your Work

Once you are done with the writing process of your research paper, you must check plagiarism in your paper. For this purpose, you can use an online plagiarism detector. It will help you detect any kind of copied stuff in your paper. This does not demand a lot of manual effort. You just paste your article into an online plagiarism checker, and it simply highlights the portions that could be considered plagiarized. Following the results, you can eliminate those lines by paraphrasing or replacing them with new ones.


Plagiarism is a severe offense that can seriously damage your career. That’s why it is advised to be extra cautious with your research work to keep it free of every kind of error before publishing it. Your research progress solely depends upon your academic integrity in your research papers. Therefore, we hope that after reading this article, you know some valuable ways to avoid every possible mistake in your work.

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