7 Business Processes You Can Automate Using Microsoft 365

You know your time is valuable if you’ve got a business. However, like most small businesses, you may spend hours on routine tasks like sales quotes, proposals, and expense reports—and that’s before running your company even begins. But with Microsoft 365 Business—in particular, Microsoft Flow and MS Project alternatives you can automate many of these processes to save time and focus on what matters most: growing your business.

Sales quotes and proposals

Microsoft 365 can help you automate creating sales quotes and proposals. This can be done using the Microsoft 365 Connector for Salesforce, which connects your data from Microsoft Dynamics 365 to the Salesforce platform to create quotes or proposals based on that information. It can also help you automate the tracking and managing of sales quotes and proposals and send them out to customers by email or fax.

Social selling

Social selling involves conversations on social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. This can be part of an overall sales strategy to increase your reach and build relationships with potential clients. According to HubSpot, companies that use social selling see an average of 25% year-over-year growth in revenue.

Microsoft 365 management tools can help you automate the process of social selling by using its tools for collaboration, communication, analytics, and more. The platform offers chatbots that can be used for lead generation through automated messaging apps. Here are some of these chatbots:

  • Skype bots that provide customer service over live video calls;
  • Yammer groups where employees share ideas about their products within their industry;
  • Twitter searches that offer information on trending topics related to your industry or company;
  • Bing search results showing similar articles related topics (which helps you hone in on what content should be posted); and
  • OneNote notebooks where employees collect information about their industry and create checklists for tasks they need to be done later.

All these features work together, so everyone knows exactly what they need at any given time while keeping track of progress towards goals.

Meeting and event management

The ability to automate the process of setting up meetings is a hallmark feature of Microsoft 365. If you’re using Office 365 and SharePoint, you can schedule appointments in advance and make sure only the right people are invited.

You can also use Microsoft 365 as a meeting management tool, keeping track of all your guests’ schedules so they never miss another necessary appointment. Microsoft 365 can even help create an agenda for your meeting—and if one person forgets it at home, there are always reminders built into Outlook or Teams.

Customer onboarding

Customer onboarding is getting a customer set up on your product or service. It typically includes creating an account, providing support, and getting customers started with what they need to do.

On top of that, it can consist of automating processes like sending email notifications when certain events occur in their account so that you know what’s happening at all times. If you use Microsoft Office 365 automation tool or Azure AD Premium and Intune, there are multiple ways to automate these activities so that you don’t have to do them manually.

Content approval process management

When you need to manage the content approval process, you can use Microsoft 365 to automate it. You can use Microsoft Flow to create a workflow that sends an email to all approvers when an item is submitted for approval and then automatically stores each user’s response in SharePoint.

Microsoft Teams is also an excellent tool for managing your approvals. In Teams, you can assign tasks and store them in channels, so they’re visible only to those who need them. This helps keep your project organized and makes it easy for team members to access relevant information without searching through emails or SharePoint sites.

Purchase order approvals management

Purchase order management is a critical process that’s often manual, time-consuming, and prone to error. It can be challenging to keep track of all the documents, approvals, and signatures necessary for each purchase order request.

Microsoft 365 can help automate this process by integrating your existing systems via Excel or Word automation tools. The solution will automatically create PDF files of purchase orders based on the parameters you specify, including who signed off on it and when they signed off on it. You can also set up automated emails that’ll send alerts when requests have been completed to keep everyone in the loop.

Expense reporting and approvals management

Automate expense reporting and approvals. With Microsoft 365, you can enable employees to submit expenses on the go and get them approved in real-time without waiting for an administrator’s approval. Employees can also add notes or attach files related to their expense reports, which helps track what was purchased and when it happened.

Automate expense reimbursements through flexible rules-based policies. When a company wants an employee to be reimbursed for a specific expense—for example, gas purchases over $10—it can set up a rule that automatically approves the reimbursement request if it meets those conditions.

This is especially helpful in cases where employees work remotely and may not have access all of the time or when multiple people might be able to approve an expense report (for instance, HR managers who are responsible for supporting workers’ sick days).

Office 365 tenant-to-tenant migration

Office 365 tenant-to-tenant migration is moving workloads from one existing Microsoft 365 tenant to another environment, for example from on-premise to the cloud or vice versa. Microsoft Office 365 tenant-to-tenant migrations are an effective way to move data without the need for downtime. The goal of automating your Office 365 tenant-to-tenant migration is to make the entire migration process easier and faster. And the best way to achieve this is by providing a new service that allows you to migrate directly to another tenant using Office 365 migration tools such as Simeon Cloud.

Streamline the processes your company uses with the Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based productivity suite that you can use to automate your company’s operations. It is a bundle of the following products:

  • Office 365 ProPlus, which allows employees to edit documents with the same software they use at work and home;
  • Microsoft Teams, an enterprise messaging client (previously known as Skype for Business) that lets teams communicate visually and in real-time;
  • Microsoft Flow, a workflow engine that enables companies to control data flow between applications; and
  • Azure Active Directory Premium is a single sign-on product that allows employees to access multiple applications through their corporate accounts.


Microsoft 365 is a great way to automate your business processes. It has so many features that it’s almost overwhelming. But the best part about this software is that it’s easy to use and doesn’t require much training or support from IT.

Microsoft 365 can help you make your company more efficient by ensuring everyone on staff uses the same tools, regardless of location or device. It also helps with other tasks like tracking billable hours or expenses.

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