9 facts about plastic shopping bags that will change the way you use them 

Plastic bags are everywhere! We cannot think of a single day without using plastic shopping bags. Here, in this article, we are explaining nine facts about plastic shopping bags that will change the way of using them the way you use them today. You can order plastic shopping bags from reliable providers.

So, make sure to read this guide till the end.

About 160,000 plastic bags get used per second throughout the world!

Can you believe it? The study says that people worldwide use approximately 160,000 plastic bags every second. So, as you can see, the number has quite a long line of zeros at the end. So, if you go through this calculation, you can see that the number of plastic bags used by people worldwide per minute is 9,600,00, and yearly the number becomes more than five trillion!

It is one of the top ten items found during a coastal cleanup

Do you know that plastic bags are one of the 10 items found in a coastal cleanup? No, no! We are not JUST saying it! It is a full proven fact, proven by the 2020 International Coastal Cleanup Report. Since plastic bags and related things are harmful products for life underwater, it is a matter of concern.

The manufacturing process of plastic bags is an issue itself

Plastic bags seem quite an easily available product. It can be found almost everywhere. But, do you know that manufacturing a plastic bag is not as easy as it sounds? To make approximately ten plastic bags, you need lots of petroleum. But, according to the manufacturers, the amount of petroleum needed to make only ten plastic bags can help a car to run a few kilometers without any hassle. So, can you imagine how much petroleum one tiny little plastic bag contains? However, if you need, order plastic shopping bags today!

It is dangerous for the marine life

Being robust and moisture-resistant in nature is dangerous for the animals underwater. More than 80% of the underwater debris comes from different kinds of plastics. Therefore, when it comes to the reason behind the unwanted death of sea animals, you can see so many cases related to plastic bags. Therefore, it is always suggested to use plastics carefully and make sure to keep them in the right place after using them.

Shorter use and longer life!

Plastic bags are probably the first thing that comes to mind while talking about products with a short use time. According to the research, a normal plastic bag comes with a use period of an average of 12 minutes. Yes! We use a plastic bag for 12 minutes on average! After the time gets over, we tend to throw them away. The worst thing is that less than 3% of plastic bags go to recycling. However, even though we throw them, plastic bags can survive in nature without getting decomposed for the next thousand years and more.

It is not good for the future

A strong prediction suggests that by 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean if no necessary steps get taken, and everything remains static. Shocking, right? But, it is the future if you do not look at the way you use them, and instead of recycling, you consider throwing them away.  

It is getting outlawed

Do you know that already 80 countries have banned single-use plastic shopping bags? Countries like India, Bangladesh, Italy, and others have taken the initiative to ban the use of plastic bags while shopping and replace them with paper bags or other bags made of toxin-free products.

Biodegradable plastic shopping bag!

Biodegradable plastic shopping bags are a thing these days. However, it needs the right environment and years for a plastic bag to break down and disappear from nature. Therefore, it does its work before getting vanishes. So, it is always recommended to order reusable plastic shopping bags made of good quality thick material.

Recycling is the key

What do you do after getting done using a plastic shopping bag? Don’t remember? Well, it is because you reluctantly place it here and there or throw them away anywhere. But, please put some effort and opt for recycling rather than throwing them away. The thing is that recycling a plastic shopping bag does not cost you anything except a little bit of effort. So, please become serious and inform your acquaintances to do the same.  


So, next time you use a plastic bag, remember these points mentioned above. Use reusable plastic bags and do your duty to our environment. Additionally, do not forget to share what you have learned so far with all your friends and family.

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