At what temperature do I have a fever with which measurement method?

The normal temperature is 36.5 to 37.4 degrees for a measurement in the buttocks. Measurements in the mouth or under the armpit usually measure about 0.5 degrees less. For contactless measurements and measurements in the ear, a deviation of up to 0.3 degrees must be taken into account according to the standard. Temperatures above the normal temperature are considered an increased temperature, only from about 38.5 degrees, one speaks of fever.

How can I change the display of the Braun Healthcare ThermoScan 7 thermometer to Celsius?

All you have to do is press the On button when you turn on the device until Celsius appears.

What is the measurement time of the Domotherm 0830 Rapid fever thermometer?

In our fever thermometer comparison, this model from Domotherm convinces with a very fast measuring time of about 30 seconds. This makes the thermometer particularly suitable for children.

Is it possible to measure in °F with the Trustown IR-100NEW infrared thermometer?

Yes, this handy infrared thermometer can be used to measure both °C and °F. In addition to body temperature, it also reliably measures ambient temperature and the temperature of food or liquids.

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Does the Reer 98112 fever thermometer store the last measured value?

Yes, this fever thermometer automatically saves the last measured value. When you buy the thermometer from Reer, you always have an eye on whether the fever is rising or falling.

Can the beep beep be switched off on the Braun IRT6520 Thermo Scan 7 ear thermometer?

No, you cannot turn off the beep on the Braun ear thermometer. However, this is very quiet, so that babies and children are not woken up by the sound when measuring in their sleep.

At which parts of the body can the temperature be measured with the fever thermometer from Beurer?

Our fever thermometer comparison has shown that with this model from Beurer, the body temperature can be measured contactless on the forehead. With the help of 60 memory slots, the measured temperature can also be tracked, which ensures a good overview.

Does the Medisana TM A79 thermometer measure contactlessly?

Thanks to infrared technology, this thermometer from Medisana measures completely contactless. This makes it particularly suitable for children or anxious patients. If you buy this thermometer, you can also measure the ambient temperature as well as the temperature of liquids and surfaces (from 0-100 °C).

Is the Scala SC 17 fever thermometer waterproof?

The Scala model is reliably waterproof. If you buy this thermometer, you can safely clean it under running water and also disinfect it.

How long does the measurement process on the forehead of the Sanitas SFT 65 fever thermometer take?

Our thermometer comparison has shown that with this device from Sanitas, the measurement only takes a few seconds. Judging by customer reviews, this is especially practical for small patients.

How long does a measurement with the Domotherm TH1 fever thermometer take?

Our thermometer comparison has shown that with this model from Domotherm, a measurement takes about 60 seconds. At the end of the measurement process, an acoustic signal sounds, which provides additional orientation.

What is the measurement accuracy of the talking fever thermometer PROFI from TalkJoy?

Compared to other models, this talking fever thermometer from TalkJoy convinces a measuring accuracy of up to 0.1 °C. Speech is available in German, English, Spanish, Italian, French or Russian.

What liquid is the Geratherm Classic ECO-friendly fever thermometer filled with?

In our comparison of different fever thermometers, it turned out that this model from Geratherm is filled with an alloy of gallium, indium, and tin. In contrast to previous models with mercury, this is not only harmless but also environmentally friendly.

What scores did the individual fever thermometers receive in our comparison?

You can choose your personal fever thermometer test winner from the following list:

First place – good: 98112 from reer – exemplary Internet price: 8 Euro

Second place – good: 98030 from reer – exemplary Internet price: 12 Euro

Third place – good: IR-100NEW from Trustown – exemplary Internet price: 18 Euro

Fourth place – good: PROFI Talking fever thermometer from TalkJoy – exemplary Internet price: 25 Euro

Fifth place – good: 2130 from Kerbl – exemplary Internet price: 14 Euro

Sixth place – good: ThermoScan 3 IRT3030 from Braun – exemplary Internet price: 31 Euro

Seventh place – good: FT 70 from Beurer – exemplary Internet price: 20 Euro

Eighth place – good: Femometer Digital fever thermometer from Femometer – exemplary Internet price: 10 Euro

Ninth place – good: Thermometer Sensitive by Aponorm – exemplary Internet price: 10 Euro

Tenth place – good: IRT6520B from Braun – exemplary Internet price: 63 Euro

The distribution of grades of the fever thermometer manufacturers shows that the products are exclusively 5 fever thermometers with the grade “very good” and 16 fever thermometers with the grade “good”.

Most “good” and “very good” fever thermometer models, namely 3 pieces, are sent into the race by the fever thermometer brand Braun.

How many fever thermometers from different manufacturers were included in the fever thermometer comparison by the editors?

In comparison, we present fever thermometers from 15 different manufacturers so that you can choose the best for you from the 21 products.

How much money does it have to invest at least in a fever thermometer to get a very good product?

The most expensive product in the fever thermometer comparison costs 62.99 euros. However, you can already buy good fever thermometers for an average of 20.17 euros.

Which thermometer was most often rated by buyers?

So far, a large number of customers have already commented on the product after the purchase, the IRT6520B from Braun received a total of 50300 reviews.

Are there models in the fever thermometer comparison that have been awarded “VERY GOOD” by the editors?

5 of the 21 fever thermometers were awarded the grade “VERY GOOD”: SFT 65 from Sanitas, IRT6520 ThermoScan 7 from Braun, FT 85 from Beurer, TM A79 from Medisana, and Femometer fever thermometer from Femometer

What other items were customers who bought a fever thermometer looking for?

Our research has shown that buyers who have placed a fever thermometer in their shopping cart are usually also interested in similar products, such as fever thermometers, thermometers digital, and digital thermometers.

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