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Baby Shower Invitations for Your Joyous Bundle

Before you know it, a lovely bundle of joy will be here. However, there is still time to show the expectant parents love and give them a few gifts to finish the nursery before the baby arrives.

Organizing the participation of the expanding family’s loved ones is one of the most crucial aspects of planning a baby shower. So compile a list of your invited guests and get ready to send out unique baby shower invitations that will have everyone saying, “Oh, baby! Count me in!”.

I’ve compiled 10 invitation styles to suit any parent’s taste. An actual baby would be cuter than these baby shower invitations. Decide on your favorite and organize your party now.

Start Your Shower with Baby Shower Invitations

All of these designs are editable online invitations, so send one out to family and friends to let them know that a baby is on the way and that it’s time to celebrate.

You can make the video invitation more unique by adding your own text, color schemes, links, music, and other elements. For an entirely unique baby shower invitation, you can even create your own DIY design.

These online invitations allow you to quickly personalize and send invitations to guests’ email addresses or phone numbers. Then, you can gather RSVPs online, negating the need for RSVP cards, stamp purchases, and repeatedly writing out your return address.

It will be difficult to choose a favorite from these baby shower invitations. I have listed 10 designs to get you started.

1. Butterfly Kisses Invitation

These online invitations allow you to quickly personalize and send invitations to guests’ email addresses or phone numbers. Then, you can gather RSVPs online, negating the need for RSVP cards, stamp purchases, and repeatedly writing out your return address.

2. Please Squeeze Some Cheeks

The humorous text is the ideal way to pay tribute to all the aunts who squeezed your cheeks when you were growing up, and it will serve to remind your shower guests of how adorably adorable the new baby is going to be.

3. Sunburst Boho Invitation

The hand-painted tiles that adorn Mediterranean towns are reminiscent of the watercolor invitation design. If the future parents are planning a boho baby nursery or love to travel, it makes a lovely invitation. You can choose the ideal colors for a baby shower for a boy, a girl, or for a gender-neutral baby by choosing from the design’s six different color schemes.

4. Wild Little Baby Invitation

This invitation to a baby shower features adorable illustrations of baby lions, giraffes, zebras, elephants, tigers, and hippos. The design can help you begin this exciting new chapter in your life and is a perfect match for a jungle-themed baby shower. Select one of five pretty pastel color schemes to go with your baby shower or future nursery decor.

5. Stylish Floral Frame Invitation

The romantic card design has sweeping cursive lettering with a rose gold floral border for a classy way to welcome your little one. It’s the ideal way to welcome your little prince or princess and to begin your family happily ever after because the flowers and branches have a fairytale-like quality that makes them resemble illustrations from an old fairy tale book.

6. Oh Baby Combo Invitation

The invitation’s text is self-explanatory for the baby shower. The phrase “Oh, baby” perfectly captures how every expectant dad and mother feels as they wait for their new addition. Yes, we love the clever wordplay, but there’s also something about it that makes it so endearing. Those two short words encompass the entire range of emotions: anticipation, trepidation, and love. 

7. Invite from Little Pumpkin Template

An elegant invitation for a baby shower with a fall theme would be this autumnal design. A border of autumnal foliage makes it easier for you to welcome your little pumpkin. Choose your preferred shade of pumpkin spice from three different autumnal color schemes. The happy family will soon be staging their own pumpkin patch photoshoot, so this invitation is a sign of the seasons to come.

8. Invitation with Rainbow Color

This birth announcement can be used as a fun template for baby shower invitations. A picture of your choice is framed by vivid rainbow hues. You can finish the photo card with a picture of your brand-new bundle of joy if you’re hosting your shower after the baby is born. However, if you’re still awaiting the baby’s arrival, you can include a picture of the expectant parents or the newly painted nursery. It adds a personal touch and allows you to share a little bit of your life with loved ones.

9. Invitation with Brunch and Champagne

While the expectant mother might not be drinking, everyone else will be happy to toast the newborn. Send out this customizable invitation if you’re hosting a baby shower brunch to get everyone in the mood for mimosas and mocktails. Three different color schemes are available for the whimsical floral pattern.

10. Baby Elephant Invitation

Elephant baby shower invitations are the perfect way to honor a mother-to-be because they are among the best mothers in the animal kingdom. The animated elephants in the party’s video invitation highlight the endearing relationship between parent and child.

At Last

When children enter our lives, there are so many small (and big!) reasons to rejoice. Your baby shower will be the first of numerous memorable occasions, from gender reveals and sip-and-sees to christenings and first birthday celebrations.

WishNWed is here to help with digital invitations that make it simple to assemble loved ones for a toast and a slice of cake for all of those occasions. We have pre-made baby shower invitation video templates that you can browse and choose from to edit right away.

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