Best Magic Find Items in Diablo 2 Resurrected also abbreviated as D2R Best MF Items

In Diablo 2 Resurrected, one of the most important objectives is to acquire powerful new equipment, and throughout the game, you’ll come across Diablo 2 items that have the modifier “+% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items” on them. Magic Find is discussed in greater depth in another section of this guide; however, to keep things straightforward, the more +% Magic Find you have, the greater your chances will be of acquiring the one-of-a-kind and set items that you are seeking. The optimal range for +Magic Find varies from character to character, but generally speaking, +300% to +400% is considered to be the optimal range. This is the point at which the actual rate of finding more unique or set items no longer increases significantly enough to be significant in comparison to kill speed and survivability.

You’ll find a selection of some of the finest one-of-a-kind items that can grant you significant amounts of magic find further down in this article.

Blade of Ali Baba

The Blade of Ali Baba is a one-of-a-kind Tulwar that has two sockets and grants its wielder an additional 1% Magic Find per character level. If socketed with two Ist runes, which is an expensive proposition, it will give more +Magic Find than any other weapon in the same slot, with the exception of a 6-socket weapon that is completely filled with Ist runes. The base Magic Find is high enough. On the other hand, this weapon does not offer many beneficial modifiers that can speed up the killing process, and it also requires a certain amount of dexterity to use effectively. It is possible to farm for it in the Nightmare Mephisto dungeon.

The Guards of Chance

When it comes to getting +Magic Find on gloves, players have very few options, but Chance Guards have a significant advantage over other gloves because they have significantly more. These gloves have a maximum of +40% Magic Find, so if that’s the stat you care about the most, these are the gloves you want. A lucky roll on rare or crafted gloves will yield more useful secondary stats, but if that’s the stat you care about the most, these are the gloves you want. Unfortuitously, Chance Guards have a fair amount of variance, with the lowest possible value being +25% Magic Find.

Goldwrap is essentially the belt equivalent of Chance Guards because it possesses the highest base +Magic Find stat of any belt and very few other useful D2R item stats (with the exception of +Increased Attack Speed). If you’re a Sorceress and you’re wearing Tal Rasha’s Adjudication (amulet) and Tal Rasha’s Guardianship (armor), then this is probably the best pure Magic Find belt you can find. However, if you’re not a Sorceress, then Tal Rasha’s Fine Spun Cloth belt can, with two other set items equipped – achieve more Magic Find.
The Gull dagger is essentially useless beyond the fact that it increases the user’s Magic Find by one point, but it does produce an astounding one hundred percent more Magic Find than normal.
It is a low-requirement weapon that gives you a significant boost to what you arguably want the most, but only if you can tolerate the fact that it does not have any other useful statistics. Because it is a dagger, there is a chance that it will drop extremely, extremely early on in the game.

Harlequin Crest
The Harlequin Crest is one of the best helmets in the game because it provides a respectable +50% Magic Find bonus, tying it with the best possible rolls on Tarnhelm and Stealskull, in addition to a plethora of other helpful stats, such as +Skills, +Life and Mana per character level, and a 10% damage reduction bonus. This makes it one of the best helmets in the game. When you equip it with a Perfect Topaz, you gain a substantial +74% Magic Find, which makes it an obvious choice for nearly every player who is searching for treasure in the game. This item can be obtained from Hell Andariel and Hell Mephisto, both of whom are found in Hell.

The Nagelring is another classic example of a Magic Find item, along with the Tarnhelm, Goldwrap, and Chance Guards. In the same vein as the majority of the aforementioned items, it offers very little of interest other than an increase in Magic Find, which can reach a maximum of +30% per ring. Unfortunately, it is highly variable, so you should be prepared to find a few duds. It’s another item where a rare specimen, despite possibly not being able to compete with it in terms of sheer +Magic Find, can roll with enough useful mods (+Cast Rate, +Life/Mana, +Resists) to make it more valuable than a Nagelring. These mods include:Best of luck.

The Oculus as a concept
The Oculus has a substantial bonus of +50% to Magic Find, despite the fact that it does not have the highest amount of Magic Find of any item on it. It is very likely that this weapon will significantly improve your kill rate in comparison to other potential Magic Find weapons because it has a large number of other stats that are useful for Sorceresses. Even better, it has a lot of stats that are useful for Sorceresses. The fact that it will teleport you at random whenever you take damage is, at best, an annoyance, and the fact that only sorceresses are able to wield this weapon are both additional drawbacks.

Skullder’s Ire
Skullder’s Ire is without a doubt the best unique piece of armor for +Magic Find in the game, as it increases Magic Find by a whopping +1.25 points no matter the character’s level. Only Tal Rasha’s Guardianship and Enigma even come close to competing, and both of these items are extremely hard to come by. Putting this armor on a level 80 character will give them a Magic Find bonus of +100%, and if you socket a Perfect Topaz into it, you’ll get an additional +24% increase to your Magic Find bonus. The fact that wearing this armor grants a +1 bonus to all skills helps make it more tolerable for casters, despite the fact that it does not offer particularly high survivability or kill rate.

Stealskull isn’t a terrible holdover until you can get a Harlequin Crest, despite the fact that casters will prefer the Tarnhelm due to its +skills. Stealskull is particularly useful for ranged and melee attackers due to the fact that it grants +Increased Attack Speed as well as dual leech.

An oldie but a goodie, the Tarnhelm provides its wearer with up to a +50% increase in Magic Find and a +1 increase to all skills, the latter of which makes it slightly less uncomfortable to wear. This item has a Magic Find that ranges anywhere from +25% to +50%, with anything with a Magic Find that is lower than +40% being considered to be a waste of time. It will do until you discover a Harlequin Crest, which shouldn’t take too long.

War Traveler
The War Traveler boots have a maximum Magic Find bonus of +50%, making them easily the best boots in the game that have the +Magic Find stat. They are not terrible in general, especially considering that in addition to increasing Run/Walk speed, they also increase Strength and Vitality. Treasure hunters should consider using any roll, regardless of its quality. These can be easily farmed from Nightmare Mephisto, which is a good target to use.

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