All You Need to Know about Full Service EDDM Printing Services for Your Business

If you are thinking of opting for the traditional way of marketing, then you have landed on the right page.

In this blog, I’m going to talk about full service eddm services and how you can make the most of them.

Every door direct mailing is a part of a broader marketing strategy. The best part is that you can align it with your digital marketing methods as well. You can create a buzz about your local business easily. You can go for EDDM services without a mailing list as well.

It is fast and easy to reach out to the audience and you can get in touch with potential customers with mail pieces. The best part is that they do not end up in an email junk box. It has got the option of customization so make sure you choose the printing shop wisely. You also get to pick specific carrier routes.

Instead of targeting individuals or customers, one can pick specific carrier routes.

You can pick the routes based on your ideal target demographics. A few things that you need to consider in this case are average household income of the target audience, the age of recipients, credit score, shopping choices, etc.

EDDM printing campaigns can be extremely successful if you can customize them the right way. You have to pick the best graphics and design postcards or Flyers. If you want to get some design inspiration, you can obviously check online.

Ask the creative lead in your company to guide you through the design. Through eddm services, you can create a personalized customer journey. You get to include a map with directions to your shop, a unique QR code for tracking, include the recipient’s name, etc. You can do so much with eddm services.

EDDM services are greatly used by retail providers, real estate companies, moving and storage companies, auto repair shops, dry cleaners, salons, etc. It is great for small or medium-sized businesses.

Make sure you do not send the mailers to the wrong target audience. Because that will be a total waste of time and energy.

Why EDDM services are so successful?

You might be wondering why EDDM services are so successful even though you don’t have a mailing list. Well, it is mostly because you get to inform people about your existence. Local businesses gain from eddm services. Moreover, you can target specific demographics. If you want to target an entire zip code, then also you should go for eddm services. If you have a limited budget, then this kind of traditional marketing helps.

How to create the first eddm campaign?

One of the first things that you should do is choose mail piece size and design. Once the printing shop is chosen, this should be your next step. There are various kinds of options available so make sure you go through them before you choose one.

Designing EDDM can be tricky because it comes with various personalization limitations as well. The design should be streamlined and you must not clutter it with too much information. Secondly, you should specify targeting. Route selection is another thing you need to pay attention to.

Last but not the least, make sure that the EDDM mailers reach on time. It is likely to be done by your printing shop so follow up with them. As long as you provide them with print-ready artwork and tell them what you are looking for, there shouldn’t be any issues. You need to know the spending habits of the recipients. You should choose the dropping date and set a deadline. The more inviting the postcards look, the better it is for you. Keep it simple and yet helpful.

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