Efficient Way To Identify Clients Using The Facial Recognition System of Verification

With the introduction of biometric verification systems at almost every level of organizations and firms, the facial recognition solution is increasing in demand. It is an efficient way of processing the data of the user to verify their identity. The old times of manual methods of verification were not as reliable as the new methods are, In fact, fraudsters always breached the traditional checks and assessments that led to major losses and crimes across several industries all across the globe. With so many methods and techniques of theft from the attacker, to deal with all at different levels the biometric verification system is a must.

Face Verification – A Quick Background

The term face recognition was coined in the early 1960s for the purpose of identifying human faces by means of a machine. It was the first technology to detect and process human faces. In initial times, the face recognition was not that accurate to be completely deployed for the verification at the security levels of the organization. Later improvements in the technology of face verification updated the level of recognition and added new features within the system. The year 1970 marked the increase in the use of the facial recognition system with updated technologies and techniques to detect human faces.

Facial Verification Services

With improvements and updates, the recognition system has been converted into a reliable verification platform that is trusted by most industries in the sector. A facial recognition system process that evaluates the faces of the users based on their facial features and characteristics. The use of new technologies in today’s world made face identification reliable and efficient to map out the in-depth facial features and characteristics. The new systems can even detect the changes in skin colors, eyes, and hair of the users.

The Complete Face Analysis

The user’s face is analyzed by the facial recognition system to completely map out all the distinct attributes of the face. In technical terms, those features are called nodes which the system uses to process the data of the user. The old systems used the 2D scanning technique, latest improvements made the system perform complete 3D facial scanning of the user to mark all possible nodes of the face.

AI Face Mapping

With the use of AI, the facial recognition system performs multiple face scans of the client to create a pattern of recognition for future scans. With AI the system analyzes the face much quicker due to recorded patterns of human facial features that are part of the AI dataset. With multiple face datasets, the system’s performance is increased for efficient processing of human faces.

Liveness Detection Of The User

The new methods of facial recognition systems are efficient enough for detecting the user, with the improved security tools, the liveness detection method is added to the facial recognition set of verification. With liveness detection, the users are evaluated in real-time to check for the credibility of the person. It is mostly implemented in the online facial recognition systems that verify the user by matching faces online. The liveness detection technique is used as a security layer to prevent attackers from using the verified profiles of the real users.

Microexpression Check 

Microexpressions check is the way of checking the facial expressions of the users to build up an extra security measure. It prevents the attackers from using dummies of the real user in the form of static images etc. The micro expression check looks for various user expressions like eye blinking, smiling, and other microexpressions which prove the user’s existence in real-time. It uses AI patterns to verify those expressions as real expressions of the user.

Advantages of Facial Verification

The facial verification service is a biometric way of identification of the user. Benefits of facial recognition are immense. It is secure as most security authorities are relying on the facial verification service to verify their users and clients. With facial verification, the attackers are restricted from accessing the user profiles. Most of us have seen the facial verification systems even implemented on the major high-end mobile phone devices which ensure the security of the phone. 

The crime enforcement agencies also use the facial verification system to identify and catch criminals. Research shows more than 3000 agencies in the US adopting the facial verification system.


Many offices and organizations are deploying face verification systems at various levels to ensure the credibility of the employees as well as other clients who opt for any interaction with the organization and the businesses. With the strong security of facial recognition technology, the market size is increasing every day. In 2021 the facial recognition market is recorded at 3.8 billion dollars and it is predicted that it will be multiplied by 2 times in the upcoming years.

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