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Meta Description: Learn about some of the different types of funeral options available today. For questions or inquiries, get in touch with a funeral director in Laredo, TX now!

H1: Types of Funerals Available Today 

When someone you love suddenly passes away, one immediate decision you’d have to make is to choose which among the funeral options is best for you and the departed. This can be difficult to do, especially if it’s your first time to take care of a loved one’s burial. To help you, here are the types of funerals you can choose from:

  • Traditional Funeral Service

When talking about funerals, the traditional type is usually on top of many people’s minds. This is because it is one of the most popular burial services that’s being done and practiced worldwide.

In the past, a traditional funeral service must be held just a few days after the death of a loved one due to decomposition problems. But thanks to the preservation methods available today, the celebration can now take place up to two weeks after the date of death. That said, the surviving family members of the deceased will have more time to make the necessary arrangements. 

This urgency in holding a traditional funeral ceremony immediately is also necessary because the body of the deceased needs to be present during the ceremony for visitation or viewing purposes. In addition, a traditional funeral celebration often includes music and songs, eulogies, and prayers, especially if the service is presided by a religious leader.

A traditional celebration of life is also said to be the most expensive type of funeral service. This is because you’ll need to pay for many things such as the parlor’s basic services fees, burial, transport, casket, embalming, and dressing of the body.

  • Direct Burial

This is said to be the most affordable funeral option available in the market today. As its name implies, a direct burial does not require any formal or graveside service. The body of your departed loved one can be buried in the days immediately after death. That said, many of the costs of a traditional funeral, such as embalming, can be avoided. 

Since a direct burial doesn’t involve any formal viewing, visitation, or wake, you can choose an affordable and simple container for your departed loved one instead of an expensive casket. You may only have to pay for a crypt or a cemetery plot, transportation and care of the body, and the funeral home’s basic service fees. This is usually cheaper compared to that of traditional burials.

  • Cremation Service

Aside from traditional service, cremation is also one of the most popular funeral options, especially with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Many of the surviving families of the people who have died and fell victim to the virus choose to have their loved ones incinerated for safety purposes.

Other reasons why people in the US choose cremation over traditional service are the cost and flexibility it offers. Like direct burial, holding a cremation service is less expensive than a conventional celebration of life. 

The cost of an urn, for example, is much cheaper compared to a casket. If you choose to scatter the cremains into the air or keep them in your home, then you wouldn’t have to pay for a crypt or a cemetery plot. And even if you decide to bury the ashes of your loved one, you may do so on your private property so you won’t have to purchase a burial plot.

Unlike traditional funerals, you won’t have to hold a cremation service right after the death of your loved one. You can schedule a memorial service at any time that is convenient for you and your guests.    

  • Direct Cremation

Like direct burial, a direct cremation doesn’t require any formal visitations or ceremonies. After your loved one’s body is incinerated, the funeral home will return the ashes to you. You may scatter the cremains into the air, bury them, turn them into memorial jewelry, or have them transferred in a decorative urn and keep them in your house.

Get in Touch With a Funeral Home Today!

Aside from the ones listed above, there are other types of burial services available in the market today. Feel free to get in touch with a reliable funeral home to learn about other burial options they may offer. Call them now and schedule an appointment!

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