Here’s How Fullerton Loan App Helps You in Times of Financial Crisis

Every one of us may face a financial crisis at some point in life. Whether it’s a medical emergency, last-minute wedding blues, spontaneous vacation, or urgent home repair, it can quickly drain the finances. Not everyone has enough emergency funds, and shelling out lump sum amounts from them leaves the person vulnerable.

This is when the Fullerton loan app comes in handy during such financially turbulent times. Apart from filling the cash crunch, instant loan apps in India helps a person sail through easily without adding to their financial burden. Let’s see how.

Benefits of Using Online Loan App:

  • Offers an Ample Loan Amount

During a financial crisis, a personal loan of up to Rs. 25 lakhs can be of huge help to cover the urgent expenses. Depending on the applicant’s eligibility, income, debt-to-income ratio, and credit score, Fullerton India may approve a loan of up to Rs. 25 lakhs, good enough to cover most financial emergencies.

  • Easy and 100% Online Application

The application procedure is straightforward and 100% online. No matter where an individual is stuck, the loan app supports personal loan application online procedures right from their smartphone. Applicants do not need to visit Fullerton India’s branch office even once. They can complete the entire loan procedure, including application, documentation, approval, and disbursal, with just a few taps without leaving their home.

To apply for a loan through the app, a prospective borrower must install the app, provide the required details, scan and upload the necessary documents, and apply. It’s as simple as that. They get approval instantly and disbursal in 24 hours. The app has a 7-step loan procedure that an applicant may complete within a few minutes.

  • Freedom to Use the Funds

Fullerton India gives complete freedom to spend the borrowed money anywhere required. Thus, whether the borrower wants to make a big-ticket purchase or make multiple lifestyle expenses, they can use the loan amount any way they please. For instance, a personal loan for a medical emergency covers all medical-related expenses for the borrower, including hospitalization, doctor’s visits, medicines, equipment, therapy, rehabilitation, etc.

  • 24/7 Access to Funds

The instant loan app makes emergency funds 24/7 available in an individual’s pocket. Whenever there is a financial crisis, they can take out their smartphone, install the personal loan app, and start the application procedure. They no longer need to wait for the lender’s working hours. Now, with the Fullerton loan app on the smartphone, it’s possible to apply for a loan even during weekends, festivals, or non-working hours.

  • No Assets Put at Stake

Many people opt to pledge their assets as collateral to get funds in an emergency. If they fail to repay the borrowed amount, the lender forecloses the asset and sells it to get their money back. However, personal loans from Fullerton India are collateral-free. It means that the applicant does not need to put any asset at stake to access the funds required. There is no need to present any guarantor or security either. These are 100% unsecured loans the lender approves based on the applicant’s credit history, financial condition, and repayment capacity.

  • Speedy Approval and Disbursal

Most people facing a financial crisis need money quickly. As in the traditional loan application method, they cannot wait for several days or weeks for funds to arrive. That is why the Fullerton loan app on their smartphone is the best possible solution. No collateral requirement, paperless documentation, and online approval and disbursal make the process much faster than earlier. Once the applicant applies for a loan through the app, they get instant confirmation of their eligibility. If they accept the loan offer, they get the approved amount in their bank account within 24 hours.

  • Flexibility of Repayment

Fullerton India allows flexibility of repayment. So, the borrowers have the freedom to choose a repayment term with conveniently affordable EMIs. They can choose a repayment tenor from 12 to 60 months, depending on the EMI amount they can afford to pay each month. The app has a personal loan EMI calculator that allows applicants to calculate the EMI amount according to the repayment term they select. The longer the tenure they choose, the smaller the EMIs will be, but the interest outgo will increase. So, a personal loan EMI calculator helps an applicant select the loan term according to their monthly budget.

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The Fullerton loan app offers several benefits that help an individual in times of financial crisis. These include speed, convenience, and flexible repayment. Everything digital makes it possible to apply for a personal loan entirely online without leaving the house. The application procedure takes only a few minutes, and the lender deposits the loan amount into the applicant’s bank account within 24 hours.

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