How to Shorten Your Resume Effectively?

A Resume is not only a simple piece of paper. These define your personality, character, profile, career path, education, and build life altogether. With Huge competition among thousands of applications, you need to possess a short, precise, and attractive resume. 

Overall, a small and well-crafted resume can be a catalyst for a better opportunity. One must maintain a balance of information necessary to keep your prospects at the maximum. A top Resume Writing Services in India can fill this gap by making things easy for you and leaving a positive impression in the eyes of the recruiters. 

A resume should neither be too long nor too short. A resume needs to be balanced to define all your necessities within one piece of paper. 

In this post, we will know different ways to keep the resume short and precise.  

Choose a template

In this digital age, there are hundreds and thousands of job profiles. One must comprehend industry standards and start with a clean and efficient template for your resume. 

A template will help you to organize things precisely. In a template, you can manage things in a particular order to cover all aspects of in resume to shorten it effectively. 

You can customize things to keep things tidy in the resume. White spaces are a fundamental part of the resume to highlight sections specifically. You must adjust the margins of the pages to give the text readable and within the space inside. 

Now plan the sections that make your resume attractive and leave out information that doesn’t fit your job requirements. Enough spaces on all sides give the reader a clear and explicit read of the profile. 

Resumes full of texts border-to-border can be lengthy, unattractive, and leave an unprofessional view of your profile. Templates help us to define these spaces evenly and get an impeccable read. 

You must choose a template wisely to showcase all skills, experience, and personal information. 

Highlighting the main section

Make sure to give importance to every job application you apply for and make those small changes to highlight a particular section. HR teams and recruiters are looking for specific skills to match a job description. Highlighting these skills in the resume can enhance your prospects and get shortlisted to get more opportunities. 

Adding all the skills and achievements will only increase the length of the resume. Keep the required skills and experience will be put into the direct eyes of the recruiters. Try to leave the other skills to a minimum or remove them entirely for the time being. This will help you to shorten the resume efficiently and convey the right message to the reader. 

Write few but effective words!

One should never write resumes like an essay or large paragraphs that recruiters ignore. You must use a few short words to give a clear and concise message.  

Short punch lines, expressions, or historical words can add more credible value to the recruiters. Use words carefully that give engagement. 

The purpose of the resume is to communicate your message to the recruiters, and words are the primary medium. Short sentences and formatting can keep the reader’s attention on the resume.

These short, well-crafted, and explicit words can enhance resume view to garner more attention. 

Use bullet points

Bullets points can transform paragraphs into a few words that prescribe the message to the readers. Allowing the HR recruiters to read the whole resume efficiently and get a positive impression to get shortlisted. 

Writing long paragraphs in skills or work experience sections can make things boring for the reader. Paragraphs take more time to read and understand your caliber. Bullets make things clear and precise to shortlist your profile for specific job requirements. 

Bullets can pinpoint the readers to the correct measures in helping them select a few from hundreds and thousands of resumes. Bullets remain one of the primary factors in shortening the resume effectively for an enhanced impression. 

For example, in the work experience section, you don’t need to explain the role, responsibilities, and activities performed every day. You should mention the title only that should define your overall profile. Bullet points can keep things ideal for quick reading and conveying messages efficiently. 

Merge sections

A resume should always be small, concise, and convey the message but we often find it long and full of multiple sections. Combining two or more sections can further shorten the resume. And have a positive impact on your profile. 

Long resume length remains one of the major reasons for rejection. We often add unnecessary sections and information that might have a zero or even negative impact on the reader’s view. 

Each section should have complete and pinpoint information. You don’t need separate sections for awards and achievements, these two can be merged to keep data organized. If required, you can further merge your work experience and skills to collect all information in one page entirely. 

Job targeted resume

With globalization, individuals are targeting top jobs across the countries without any border, cast, or culture. These industries are lookout for top talent to complement their skills and experience in their regular work. 

Every industry follows specific rules, formats, and jargon to have industry expertise. As an employee, you might not be aware of all these. Hiring a professional writer can bridge that gap for a position in the top MNC. 

The ideal length of the resume is limited to 1 or 2 pages only. So you have to make sure to describe all the sections inside this length. Nowadays, recruiters don’t have the time and patience to read a long essay-type resume. 

HR recruiters look for precision and written to mark resumes for shortlisting. There are niche-based job templates available. You can use these and gain attention to your profile. 


In this modern digital age, a perfect and short resume can be the difference between struggling and catching that high-paying opportunity. A resume should always be in plain language and clearly describe your profile. 

Shortening a resume can help opportunities get more interview calls and enhance career growth. Use these methods to keep the resume orderly and gain newer heights. 

Resumes are the primary and most important highlight of your career growth. You must understand the importance of a resume in acquiring that dream job. At Writrox, we are one of the top Resume writing Services in Pune with more than 30+ exclusive writers to bring an enhanced profile review. We have helped more than 10000+ professionals to land top opportunities and enjoy a more successful life ahead. 

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