How to Tell Her You Like Her Without Getting Rejected|2022 Best way

Sometimes we have some special feelings for a special person but we did not know how to tell her you like her, you are scared to be rejected and also you are scared to lose her. But in this article, I will tell you the best way how to tell her you like her or how to tell your crush about your feelings.

When you have some special feelings for someone then you think that is love. You are right because love is the high range and deepest attraction from someone which is mentally strong and has positive emotional status. 

Because if someone has feelings for any girl they did not tell her but they create a relationship which is called bestie, BFF ( Best Friend Forever) with the help of that relationship they spend time with her and got a chance to come into relationship with her.

So without wasting time let’s start our topic on how to tell her you like her.

Best Way| How to Tell her you like her:

If you are scared to tell her and to lose her then don’t be scared because I am here to help you I will guide you the best way which helps you to tell your crush you love her so do not waste your time and follow the following steps.

Spend Time Together:

A girl did not want money or a lot of gifts or anything else you can attract her with your own personality and this is only possible if you spend the most time with her. But always have a formal conversation with her and listen to her before starting your point of view. Your time and your behavior with her are everything if you do any bad impression then she will not accept your proposal.

Respect and Care:

After the time the second thing is respect and care nowadays the girls are brave than the old time but in some situation they also want care and they also want someone who thinks about them and always take care of them and give respect to them and provide protection from problems.

Choose the best Location Where you want to tell her:

Choose the best location and take her to there and at this place purpose her, most of the girls like silent areas where no one can disturb her so take her to those areas which are near to lake because at this place no one can disturb you.

Keep in Mind What You want to say:

Keep in mind what you want to say and do not purpose her directly sharing your feelings is the best for start your conversation and then tell her why you like her share some moments which you spent together or talk about those things which make her happy. Then purpose her.

Gave Time to Think About:

This moment is very special for her but also she will scare so do not force her on anything and give time to her to think about it because it makes a good impression on her and she will definitely accept your proposal if she also has any feelings about you but if she did not have then she reject you so wait for her answer. 

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