Jumpstart Your Retail Marketing Strategy in 2023

In 2023, retailers have more opportunities than ever to make customer connections, increase revenue, and build word of mouth marketing opportunities. It’s no secret that the retail industry has undergone huge changes in recent years, but you can capitalize on these changes and make 2023 your best year yet. The new year means jumpstarting your retail marketing strategy, and we have four tips to help you maximize every moment of 2023.

1. Combine Your Digital & Retail Marketing

It’s no secret that online shopping has been a concern for retailers, but in 2023, you can capitalize on this trend by offering buy-online, pickup-in-store (BOPIS) options. This is a retail marketing strategy that works because it provides customers with the convenience of online shopping while also getting them into your store.

2. Get Creative With In-Store Displays

Creative in-store displays are always a hit, and you can use in-store display marketing to attract and hold your customers’ attention. Even in a post-pandemic world, in-store displays are generally a touchless way to market products, and your store can create custom displays by combining similar items that work well together. An example would be a showcase of regional cheeses paired with wines from the same areas. You can also consider creating themed displays using products in your store to encourage shoppers to look around.

3. Take Advantage of Store Demo Experiences

Store demo experiences and store sampling events are incredible opportunities for retailers. When shoppers are engaged with CPG brands through a store demo experience, they are more likely to make purchases on the spot. What’s more, shoppers who are engaged form a personal connection with stores that rely on Demo Wizard since our retail marketing solution makes it easy and effortless to host engaging store sampling experiences.

Demo Wizard alleviates the stress that comes with managing a store demo by automating scheduling, managing brand ambassadors, ensuring that your store has inventory for a demo of products, and more. You get all of the benefits of a dedicated customer experience expert without all the hassle! We make it easy to capture shoppers’ attention, keep shoppers engaged longer, and form connections through customer experiences that generate word of mouth marketing opportunities.

Want to see retail sales growth in 2023? Contact our team to schedule your free demo of Demo Wizard today.

4. Lean on Social Media

Social media remains a top priority for retailers who want to capitalize on in-store marketing. You don’t have to have a dedicated social media manager on your team to be successful with your store’s social media properties. Instead, you simply need the desire to engage customers on a personal level to demonstrate the care and commitment your store has to the community.

Don’t Let 2023 Pass You By – Contact Our Team Today 2023 is shaping up to be a great year in retail, and with Demo Wizard, you can capitalize on customer experience to capture more customer attention and keep them in your store longer. Call us today at (510) 859-8919 to schedule your free consultation and demo. You can also click to schedule your free demo online right now.

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