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3 Key Home Improvements to Add Value to Your Home

With summer rapidly approaching and the days getting longer and brighter, it is natural that our thoughts turn to the subject of home improvements. No matter what your budget or design aspirations, there are a range of meaningful renovations and modifications you can make, to improve the look of your home and its overall market value. Regardless of whether you are planning to sell your house, it makes sense to undertake makeovers that are both pleasing to the eye and likely to increase the value of your home. 

Here are three home improvements to consider that offer both these benefits.

Upgrade your garden

A beautifully well-designed garden area, will not only allow you to relax in the summer months, it will be one of the first things prospective buyers see when viewing your home. There is a certain “wow factor” in pulling up at a property and being thrilled by a stylish and functional garden space, that can impress any viewer. You can upgrade your garden space in several meaningful ways, by adding attractive and colourful planting plots for perennial plants, and selecting specific features that act as centrepieces for your garden. 

One way to add an eye-catching centrepiece, is to install a decked area in your garden, with a table and seating that allows outdoor dining in the summer months. By searching online for deck installation near me, you will be able to find suppliers who can help you plan a decked area in your garden, thus creating the perfect space for relaxation and utility.

Convert your attic space

In many homes, there is attic space that serves no meaningful function, other than to store boxes of assorted items that may have some purpose in future. It is worth considering, that a stylish and modern attic conversion, could add significant value to your home. For example, in the UK, a well-designed attic conversion in a larger home, could add up to £100K to the overall value of your house. In addition to improving your home’s market value, you are also creating another usable living space. Attic conversions can have several purposes, for example, you could transform that space into an additional bedroom for a family member, or a guest room for visitors. There is also a growing trend of converting this area, into an additional bathroom, which is a popular choice for larger families. Conversely, if your attic space is limited, you could opt for a walk-in wardrobe and free up storage space in other rooms in your home.

Renovate your garage

You may find that you can comfortably park your car on the driveway of your home, without needing to utilize your garage. If this is the case, you could unlock the immense potential of this garage space, by converting it into another functioning room. Popular choices for garage conversions, include installing home gyms, home offices or even games rooms. There are a multitude of possibilities for this space that both give you increased functionality in your home, while being extremely appealing to potential buyers.

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