Mobile Marketing Reaches New Dimensions With Implementation of deeplink app

The demand for mobile applications has been skyrocketing since the Covid-19 pandemic. And why not? People are always hooked to their smartphones for work purposes, and the small breaks imply scrolling the internet to search for new products or apps. Mobile marketers are using deep linking technology to gain considerable attention from app users. According to the market research data, the deeplink app will be successful in more conversions than the app without deep linking. 

Several professional companies are offering the service of deep linking, which is now an effective marketing strategy. If your business has a mobile app. Then the deep linking will help identify, address, and transport the target users to the specific content within the app.

Categories of deep linking

Although the majority of links on mobile phones are not yet deep links, the business owners are slowly trying to grasp the concept and use the opportunity as a massive marketing campaign without applying aggressive promotional strategies. 

The deep links are of three categories:

  1. Deferred links: 

These deep links will point to a particular page within the app or maybe a portion of the content on the page. But, if the app is not present on the user’s mobile, then the link will first take the user to the app store for installation of the app and then allow the access. 

  1. Default link:

The deep links that point to a certain page, a particular item, or an excerpt of the application are the default links. These links will guide your users to the content only if the app is already installed on the phone. If the app is not there, the page will show an error in loading. 

  1. Contextual links:

These deep links work similarly to the other two. But the only dissimilarity lies in the ultimate job. The link will save the user data like name and location instead of directly rerouting the user to the content. If your content appears interesting, then users will provide the primary information quickly, and this will add to your database for prospects and leads. 

Myriad benefits

Talk to the experts in mobile marketing, and you will realize that the deeplink app can take your business further if you are intelligent enough to use the technology in the best way. 

Optimization of usability

As one click takes the user from an email, an advertisement, a newsletter, or a post to your desired location inside the application, it appears more convenient to the users. There is no hassle of signing up or posting something to check out your web content. Thus, it’s a way to optimize the app usability on the part of the users. 

Higher retention level

Do you know what defines a successful business? It is when your client retention rate even exceeds the acquisition rate. If you want active and consistent engagement of the users to your app, you have to embed the deep links. 

If the users have to go through a long way to get the desired information from the app, it will be irritating for the clients. As a result, there is a higher chance of uninstalling the apps instead of more installations. Therefore, deep links can go a long way in increasing the percentage of user retention.

Bringing back the inactive users

When you have a long list of inactive users, you have to post something interesting through an email or newsletter, or even a Whatsapp link. Suppose the link takes the users directly to the particular section of the app instead of proceeding in the traditional menu- sub-menu steps. In that case, it will encourage the users to start using the app once again. 

It’s the best way to win back the interest of the existing but dormant users. You should not bore them further by leading through a long route to access some offer or read some interesting piece of news. 

Improving marketing strategies

The deep links will undoubtedly constitute a very crucial aspect of the marketing process. The deferred links can get you a huge volume of new sign-ups, and the members must be genuinely interested. Naturally, it will increase the chances of conversion instead of just adding some names and contact numbers on the database of leads. 

As a customer is directly traveling to the necessary section of the application. The distractions are minimum. Ut can trigger impulsive buying nature too. For instance, if you are offering some massive discounts on a particular item, then directing the potential customers straightaway to the product description and checkout page will be the ideal way to trigger instant purchase decisions. 

An interesting way
It’s definitely a very interesting method to gain the attention of the existing as well as new potential customers. The increase in the number of deep linking apps shows that the big and small businesses can equally benefit from the application of the marketing strategy.

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