Best Parental Control App List to Monitor Troubled Kids

Every person deserves a peaceful life and parental control app but I think today’s parents deserve it the most. They are responsible for kids who are practically growing up with smartphones and the internet. The kids are growing up way too fast as they know things they should not thank the web services and easy access to the smart devices. To handle the after-effects of the early exposure and more technology have gifted the parents with spy app tools.

Monitoring software usage is common among parents and employers. The market is thriving day by day as every day a new spy app for the monitoring sector is added to the list. Then come there different versions. Free apps are good as they offer free services with no strings attached. You can choose at any given time and decay whenever you want.

Then comes the paid apps. Now it may seem that the paid version may be costly enough to shake your budget or cost you a fortune but it is not true. Some apps like the OgyMogy offer excellent service on an economical budget. Thus instead of wasting time on free apps simply get the OgyMogy and enjoy the monitoring ride without any trouble.

Here is some of the best parental control app to keep an eye on troubled kids.


OgyMogy is the best parental control app on the list. The app offers three different versions in the form of monthly, seasonal, and yearly bundles. One can monitor the kid through all the smart gadgets as the app offer services that support Mac, Android., Windows table, cellphone, laptops, and desktops. The app offers dozens of features for parental control as well as employee monitoring.

It can be used by parents and employers both to keep an eye on the kids and employees. The OgyMogy spy app is unique in many ways for example one can renew the license remotely and can use the single license for multiple operating systems. That means you can switch from one type of device to another with a single license. The app offers customer support service and even a refund policy with some prior set terms and conditions.

The app even offers the custom option to set the monitoring data recordings. You can practically turn On and Off any feature settings and focus on the most important features. Some of the main features offered by the OgyMogy spy app include screen monitoring, call log and text log, call recording, location tracking, Geo-fencing, camera bug, Mic bug, and more. Keystroke logging feature and email monitoring feature can be used to keep an eye on the online activities of the target person.

Just access the target gadget physically for installation. The stealth mode made it a secret mission so no need to worry about it anymore.  

2)TheOneSpy App:

TheOnespy app is another parental control app that offers efficient services for worried parents. Parents can check their screen time, online activities, live location, and more with the help of this app.

3) Net Nanny:

The app with an intuitive design offers parental control app features to the users. It can be used to monitor Ios and Android devices. That means no more worries to find a separate app for different operating systems. The screen monitoring features include different social media platforms as well. That means you can easily monitor the digital activities of the kids. Though there are some limitations of this app. Most importantly it is a bit expensive app. Another reason is the lack of availability of features for different operating systems. For example, you cant monitor the text and call log history of the target through this app on the iOS system. That is a big disadvantage of selecting this app.

4)Kaspersky Safe Kids:

Another parental control app that offers features in an economical range is Kaspersky safe kids. The app offers multiple versions both free and paid. One can even use the app for Mac and Desktops monitoring. They offer a free 7-day trial period for unlimited devices as well. One of the main disadvantages of using this app is that the web portal sometime gets slow which can be frustrating.

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