Sound therapy and how it works.

Sound therapy can help you balance your mind, body and emotions. This can be done by listening to coherent sound frequencies and having vibration applied directly to the body. It can calm the central nervous system, create coherence in the body, and help to relax it. Harmony means that all of your organs, bodies, minds, emotions, and systems are in harmony and in rhythm. Imagine an orchestra playing out of tune, with each instrument playing its own song. Noise and static are what you feel when you’re stressed or down. The orchestra plays harmonious, beautiful music that makes you feel calm, open, and clear-minded. The body also has more energy which can travel freely without interruption. These can cause disruptions in the body’s natural energy flow, including trauma, stress, high emotions, severe injuries, surgeries, scars, and other emotional reactions. When this happens, physical, mental, and emotional dysregulation may occur. It is important for the body to return to its original settings so that energy can flow freely again.

Traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, and many other ancient traditions speak of energetic pathways in the body known as meridians or Nadis. Research has shown that acupuncture and acupressure both use the same meridians. This can lead to resolution of many psychological and physical conditions. Although research is slow to incorporate ancient wisdom, it is slowly improving.

Biofield Tuning – Use tuning forks to calm the body, mind, and emotions

Biofield Tuning is one of the sound therapies that I use and practice with my clients. It uses tuning forks in the field and on the body to restore optimal health. Biofield Tuning works on the principle that energy becomes stuck in our electromagnetic fields when we are unable to process and digest certain events, such as trauma, accidents, breakdowns, or failures.

The electromagnetic field that surrounds the human body is approximately 2-3 meters in length on each side, and 1-2 metres at the top and bottom. It is shaped like a doughnut and holds all of your life experiences in a standing-in wave format. Unprocessed information (traumas, accidents, emotions, etc.) can become stuck in your field, causing interference. This can cause interference in the flow of energy, which can lead to poor mental, physical and emotional health. Tuning forks can be used to retune the body, help process stuck energy, and remove vicious patterns, emotional, and mental roadblocks. This can lead to significant improvements in your physical and mental health.

What does sound healing do:

Less pain and inflammation

Hormone balancing

Many chronic conditions can be treated

Treatment of anxiety, depression and PTSD.

Better cognitive function – Improved thinking, attention, concentration, memory and cognition

Sleep problems and insomnia

Reduced stress, overwhelm, and frustration

Balance of emotions

More harmonious relationships and better resolution of conflicts

Clarity in decision-making

Finding your purpose and meaning in this life

As obstacles are removed, you will feel closer to your true self and more connected.

Contact me at you are interested in learning more about this gentle yet powerful modality or to book sessions. Anca Vereen, an Integrative Nutritionist and Nutritionist, Psychotherapist and Breathing Coach, specializes in optimizing physical, mental, and emotional health through addressing the root cause.

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