When the temperature rises, sweating, hot air, and the dehydrated  feeling comes naturally. We all love to spend our time in the balmy evenings on the sultry days. However, it feels exhausting when it comes to comfortable sleep. 

Your bedding, surroundings in your comfort space, and proper temperature regulation are vital to contributing to a good night’s sleep. Your sleeping space must be layered with comfortable silk bedding that promotes better sleep. 

Wondering why you should consider silk bedding in summers? Let’s dive in to find the perks of sleeping on silk sheets for refreshing mornings. 

Silk Sheets to Beat the Heat this Summer! 

Summers have arrived, and you must be looking for ways to feel lively on these sweltering days. Replacing your ordinary bedding with silk bedding can be a wonderful way to start with. Know the perks of silk bedding here: 

  1. Breathability

Silk is soft and smooth for a reason. Imparting a luxe feel, this fabric may feel fragile but is highly durable. Unfavourable temperature conditions put you in discomfort at night, and you wake with puffy eyes. However, when you sleep on silk bedding in summer, it imbibes the moisture from the body, keeping you refreshed. Also, it is lightweight and breathable, which gives you a soft and cosy feel with better air circulation. 

  1. Hypoallergenic

Some fabric in bedding works against your skin and makes you feel irritated. This is why most people prefer silk bedding favourable to your skin, and your hair moves freely on silk sheets and pillowcases. 

The soft and sheer texture of the fabric prevents the tangling of your hair and breakage, treating it beautifully the whole night. Moreover, silk promotes hydration properties, bringing back the charm of young and glowing skin. 

Some studies have found that silk bedding is also helpful in treating disorders like eczema and topic dermatitis. 

  1. Temperature Regulation 

When the summers hit the roads, your bedding may lock in the heat, causing discomfort in sleeping. For cool and comforting nights, silk is the best fabric that caters to your individual sleeping needs.  

With temperature regulating properties, silk bedding helps you cool down in the warm weather and keep you warm when the temperature dips down. Ensuring the optimal temperature, silk bedding pampers your body and gives you a cosy feel the whole night. 

How to Make the Most of Your Bedtime?

Bedtime feels relaxing when you lie on supremely comfortable bedding. If you battle to sleep peacefully at night, silk sheets from Mayfairsilk are the right choice. 

Encouraging sustainability, they produce silk products using premium quality silk threads. To let you know, 22 and 25 momme is the best quality of pure Mulberry Silk that they use for bedding and pillowcases, respectively. 

Triggering the customers’ needs, Mayfairsilk has been entitled with ‘Innovation and Excellence Awards 2022 – Bedding Brand of the Year in the UK’. 

To explore the exclusive collection of the bedding accessories for this summer, visit

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