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The Different Types of Bespoke Wardrobes You Can Install in Your Home

After your bed, the furniture in your bedroom that gets the second-most usage will likely be your wardrobe. It is where you store all of your favourite clothes and accessories, such as your classic leather belts, designer shoes, dress shirts, ragged jeans, work trousers, shorts, and knitted sweaters. Given its regular use and importance, your wardrobe’s design should suit your demands.

There is a good chance that you will give in to the temptation of buying flat-pack furniture if you’re on a tight budget. But at Bravo London, they know from experience that nothing surpasses a custom-built wardrobe when it comes to storage. This compilation of the most popular custom bedroom wardrobe layouts will serve as a helpful resource as you begin your search. 

Stunning Angular Wooden Wardrobe

This wardrobe’s clean lines and angular design give it a modern look. With numerous drawers and separate storage areas, this is one of the best choices if you need a lot of space to store your clothing and accessories. Since it’s roomy, you won’t have to dig through piles of clothes to get what you need; everything will be easy to find and access. This chic wardrobe can also serve as a partition between your vanity area and the dressing room.

Large Sliding-Door Wardrobe

The sliding door design is a sleek update on conventional wardrobe hinges. Custom fitted wardrobes made with sliding doors do not rely on hinges to keep their doors in place. They move horizontally along metal rails that are fastened to the upper and lower parts of the wardrobe. The primary benefit they provide is saving on space since their doors slide horizontally and don’t block the area in front of them.

A further advantage of this wardrobe design is that it does not in any way restrict the accessibility of the room. As a result, a wardrobe of this sort is ideal for homes and other living arrangements that are limited in space. Because of its sliding design, it is also suitable for large bedrooms. The width of the wardrobe determines how many sliding doors you may install.

In Style Laminate Wardrobes

There has been a recent trend for laminate wardrobe designs as an alternative to traditional wooden bedroom wardrobes. In comparison to hardwood, laminate flooring is more sustainable due to its resistance to moisture and wear. To outfit your wardrobe, you can choose from a wide variety of laminates, including high-pressure and low-pressure laminates, decorative laminate (depending on its intended use), laminate with a matte finish, and laminate with a glossy finish.

Walk-In Wardrobes for Spacious Bedrooms

A walk-in wardrobe is a luxurious addition to any bedroom, and it is ideal for those who have the space and financial means to install one. You don’t have to worry about crowded drawers and shelves thanks to the storage space provided by these wardrobes for anything from clothes to jewellery. The usage of open shelving and closed cabinets with see-through sliding doors allows for a more unobstructed flow of foot traffic and uses less valuable frontal space.

And since your accessories won’t be crammed together, you’ll have an easier time categorising and arranging them. On top of that, you’ll never waste time searching in despair for an item since your wardrobe is neat and orderly. Just think how much time you’d save in the morning if your closet was as neat and tidy. Walk-in wardrobes can be fitted with a dressing area or a makeup desk if there’s enough space to spare.


Is there a weird nook or alcove in your bedroom? Do you intend to transform them into a functional space? Then you need a tailor-made wardrobe! A well-thought-out and installed storage solution may turn even the smallest nook of your bedroom into a convenient storage area for your shoes, jewellery, and clothing. At Bravo London, they derive a great deal of satisfaction from being able to modify their offerings so that they better meet the requirements of each one of their clients. Starting with the preliminary design stages and continuing through the process of applying the final coat, Bravo put in a lot of effort to create the one-of-a-kind fitted wardrobe of your dreams for your bedroom or dressing room. Reach out to Bravo London if you’re interested in installing built in or walk in wardrobes in your home, rental properties or office.

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