Travel hacks: Everything you need when travelling to Asia!

Travelling is one of the many joys in life where you get to see new places, meet new people, try new delicacies and even witness new cultures. And although this means being stuck in a plane for hours, it’s all worth it once you step on new land!

Heading out of the country is an adventure for anyone where you’re filled with excitement, curiosity and thrill. But despite all the wondrous things about travelling, you have to admit, it isn’t easy. Especially if you have to consider all the things you need when heading to a particular place.

Asia in particular is a place that’s filled with exotic food, plants, animals and more. This is the place that screams tropics and culture. So before heading over make sure to be ready! To help you out, down below is a list you’ll be needing for your trip to Asia:

1 – Don’t forget to bring the required documents!

One of the things you don’t want to forget is the required documents asked by the airlines and/or the country. Some countries require different documents, so depending on what place you’re visiting, make sure to get the right documents asked.

So before heading out, double-check your documents as well as the documents of the people you’re travelling with. Some of the common documents needed are (1) a Government-issued I.D., (2) a Passport/Travel Visa, (3) plane tickets, (4) proof of accommodation booking, (5) a travel itinerary and (6) copies of identification.

To keep them extra safe, consider placing them in an airtight & waterproof envelope. Also, make sure the envelope is bright in colour for it to be easily spotted. Having your paperwork in order is crucial since being without one may prevent you from travelling or entering another country.

2 – Always pack a medicine bag!

Since you’re heading over to a whole new country, it’s best to not forget to bring your medication and other medical items. Not knowing what to expect can be scary since you don’t get to prepare properly prior. To help you out, here’s a list of items to have in your medicine bag!

  • Your daily medication.
  • A first aid kit in case of accidents.
  • Some Advil to relieve any aches during your trip.
  • Insect repellent lotion to fend off mosquitos and other bug bites.
  • Eye drops when you get dry eyes when travelling.
  • Menstrual pads or tampons in case one of your travel buddies gets their period.
  • Floss!
  • A pill for upset stomachs.
  • Sunblock!
  • Some aspirin.
  • A bottle of rubbing alcohol.

This is just an idea of what a typical medicine bag contains. Depending on your needs, the items may vary. So before packing your medicine bag in your luggage, make sure to have every medication you need. Researching the location you’re travelling to might even help you take safety measures prior.

3 – Protect your items and yourself

An efficient way to stay protected when travelling is by getting insurance. Travel insurance is tailored to fit your needs when travelling and can cover occurrences like missed airline connections, lost baggage and more.

So before your trip considers getting travel insurance. But if you’re new to insurance and coverage, consider hiring an insurance broker. An insurance broker is a professional who specializes in insurance and risk.

So you can guarantee you’ll be helped tremendously when picking out a provider, choosing a policy, learning about your coverage, filing a claim and more. Plus an insurance broker works for you, so can make sure your needs are their top priority.

4 – Bring airy clothing!

Depending on where or what time of year you’re heading, the kind of clothes you need to pack may vary. But when heading to Asia, always consider packing a couple of airy items like tank tops, dry-fit shirts, shorts and so on.

If you’re used to cold climates, definitely bring more breathable clothes or you’ll end up sweating the whole trip! When heading to a topical, avoid using dress shirts and anything similar. This kind of clothing is warm and highlights sweat lines.

Consider packing thin and airy items and stick to colours that don’t show off sweat stains like white, yellow, cream and so on. And stick to the brighter side of the spectrum when packing clothes. Avoid dark colours since they absorb heat, especially black.

5 – Don’t forget your slippers!

Although you can buy slippers when you land, it’s still a great idea to pack your own. Slippers are something essential when visiting a tropical place, especially when you’re on vacation. This is because most of the activities you’ll be doing revolve around water.

Common activities tourists do in tropical places are swimming, snorkelling, swimming with dolphins and even going to water parks. So slippers are essential! Plus wearing shoes in a tropical place can cause them to sweat a lot.

Take away

Knowing the top 5 items will make your trip to Asia all the more swift and at ease. This article is a list of things you wish you brought! So greatly consider each item when preparing to leave. Also, feel free to add in more items you see fit and necessary for your trip.

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