Wet Particulate Control Scrubbers: What They Are, What They Do, And How To Use One

With the start of each new year comes the need to ensure that your buildings, infrastructure, and equipment are in top shape for the all-around performance of your business. There are many ways to go about this, but a wet particulate control scrubber is one important tool. In this article, learn how these vital appliances work and how you can use them to protect your company’s assets better!

What is a Wet Particulate Control Scrubber?

A wet particulate control scrubber is a device used to remove pollutants from the air. The scrubber uses water and other liquid chemicals to break down the contaminants into smaller particles that can get expelled from the device. The scrubber can get installed in large industrial plants, power stations, and other areas where air pollution is problematic.

How do Wet Particulate Control Scrubbers work?

Wet Particulate Control Scrubbers work by breaking down the larger pieces of pollution. These scrubbers use a water spray to clean the air and remove pollutants before reaching the ground.

How do you use a Wet Particulate Control Scrubber?

Particulate matter (PM) is air pollution from objects and surfaces that release particles into the atmosphere. PM can come from many sources, including emissions from vehicles and factories, dust, smoke, soot, and natural materials such as wood smoke.

Wet Particulate Control Scrubbers are machines that use water to clean the particulates off of a surface. The spray scrubber jet is directed at the surface to clean, and the water droplets cause the particles to bead up and fall away from the surface.

There are three types of Wet Particulate Control Scrubbers: sprayers, blowers, and centrifugal fans. Each has its advantages and disadvantages:

Sprayers are small, portable machines that are good for cleaning small areas. They have low pressure and produce high-volume jets of water droplets, making it easy to quickly remove large amounts of particulates. However, they don’t work well on heavy materials due to their low pressure.

Blowers are larger machines that are better for cleaning large areas. They have higher pressure and produce smaller jets of water droplets which help to disperse the water over a wider area. However, they also appear to be less efficient than sprayers in removing large amounts of particulates.

Centrifugal fans are better suited for cleaning filthy areas. They have high pressure and produce very fine droplets so that most of the dust particles in the air will settle on them. However, they’re expensive compared to sprayers or blowers and aren’t as handy as other machines because they need a motorized drive unit that must sit close to the fan.

The advantages of Wet Particulate Control Scrubbers for construction projects

A wet particulate control scrubber, also known as a wet scrubber or water scrubber, is a device used in construction to remove dust, debris, and other substances from the air. They are becoming increasingly popular due to their many advantages over traditional methods such as respirators and air filters.

The main advantage of a wet scrubber is that it effectively removes both fine and coarse particles from the air. The device can clean up areas with a high concentration of dust, such as construction sites or industrial plants. It also effectively removes odors and fumes, making it an ideal tool for cleaning up areas with a heavy smell or chemical odor.

Another advantage of a wet scrubber is that it is straightforward to use. Unlike traditional devices such as respirators and air filters, which require training and certification to use correctly, a wet scrubber is operated by opening the valve and letting the water flow into the scrubber. That makes it suitable for anyone without prior knowledge of cleaning technology.

Overall, Wet Particulate Control Scrubbers are excellent for cleaning up areas with high dust, odors, and chemicals. They are effortless to use and effectively remove contaminants from the air.


A wet particulate control scrubber is a vital piece of equipment for any business or industrial setting. It helps reduce the number of pollutants released into the atmosphere and protects both employees and customers from harmful exposure. With the countless array of products on the market, it can be challenging to make an informed choice. Some equipment is costly, while others provide relatively little value. Choosing the suitable particulate control scrubber for your business is key to various factors such as cleaning requirements and ease of installation

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