What business can someone buy for 20k

You saved up some money and you want to invest it, you probably considered buying some stock like apple or Facebook but you are worried stocks might go down and you lost all your money, you want a fast Roi ( Return on investment) and the best way of doing that is by buying an established business…But those don’t come cheap buying an established business can run you half a million and up!…

But don’t worry  i  think there is a way to buy a established business that will both be affordable and also get you a great return on your investment ! That’s finding you a route for sale…But how to choose the best route to buy and what is a route? Have you ever heard of routes for sale? let me give you an example of a few, take for instance Fed-ex routes these independent owned businesses and subcontractors of FedEx, they ship boxes of merchandise to homes and businesses daily and get paid, a next example is buying a vending machine route, I am pretty sure you know what vending machine is? a machine that dispenses items…These can be food, beverage, and even snacks ‘

 How do routes work?

The owner goes and set ups accounts ( customers) Then whatever the distributorship is, he services them on a day-to-day or week-to-week basis, and a route is then set up, this route can be anywhere from 25-50 to even 500 customers that the route ower services and gets paid from. It is a unique concept with a rewarding future, it’s simple to run and some routes can sell for only 20K yes you can buy a business for 20k and make a profit of $800-$1000 a week and constantly keep growing your customers to double that profit! 

What other business i can start with 20K?

  • Providers of cleaning services 

Because of the increase in the number of residential structures, cleaning has become one of the most in-demand services. You can start charging customers for the services you provide if you have less than 20,000 dollars, which is enough money to buy a few tools and detergents and get you started. You will be able to hire additional persons to operate under your name within a short period of time. As your business continues to expand, you will benefit from an increase in the size of your consumer base thanks to this.

  • Buying a franchise  

Franchises are appealing to many aspiring business owners since the parent company will take care of the training, marketing, and branding for the franchisee. Additionally, the franchisor will provide a support network for the franchisee. The expensive investment cost, on the other hand, causes a lot of people’s apprehension when it comes to the purchase of franchise operations. Fortunately, there are a lot of options for franchises that cost less than 20,000 dollars and have proven records of success.


These are just a few ideas of many many types of businesses you can start for under 20k, if you have the passion and motivation and are willing to put in the work, then 20k will get you started and you are looking to buy a established business that is already generating money, you should consider buying a commercial route for sure!

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