What Does A Robotics Engineer Do

If you’re interested in a career that combines engineering and computer science, you might want to consider becoming a robotics engineer. Engineers who specialize in robotics have the exciting opportunity to make a variety of machines more capable and useful. They do this by combining mechanical, electrical and computer science principles with design principles to develop new types of robots for specific purposes. This article will explore What Does A Robotics Engineer Do? 

What Does a Robotics Engineer Do? 

Engineers are people who design and build things. Robotics engineers, who work with robots or machines that can move around and perform tasks, play key roles in manufacturing, healthcare and many other industries. There are many types of engineers – mechanical, electrical, and chemical engineers are some examples. Engineers are trained in science and engineering disciplines and also understand the real-world applications of their work. 

Develop Mechanics and Structure 

A significant portion of a robotics engineer’s efforts will be focused on designing the mechanics and structure of their robot. The specific materials and design of a robot will depend on the project’s goals and specific uses. Engineers will consider a wide variety of variables such as the weight of the machine, strength and durability of specified materials, and potential impact on living organisms (if used in medical devices). Some examples include self-balancing robots, surgical robots and robotic arms used for tasks like moving large objects. 

Program Computer Functionality 

Robots often include computer functionality and software that allows them to function in a variety of different ways. Engineers begin this process by designing the functionality the computer will control. They will also consider specific hardware requirements to ensure the computer can handle the required functions. Engineers will then code the computer functionality by using computer programming languages like Java or C++. They will use computer-assisted engineering software to ensure the software is designed properly and works as expected. 

Create Software for Control and Motion 

Robots must be programmed with specific instructions for movement and function. This programming, called computer software, is created by robotics engineers. Engineers will design computer programs for the specific purpose of moving their robot and controlling the machine’s functions. Engineers work with different programming languages depending on the specific application of the robot. For example, they may program their robot to move items in a warehouse or they may program it to move surgical tools. 

Test New Robots and Produce Working Models 

Once a robotics engineer has designed a computer program and created a mechanical structure that works, they will test their new robot and make adjustments as necessary. Engineers will use a computer program to simulate the robot’s functions and movements to ensure the computer instructions function properly. Engineers will also test the robot’s mechanical parts to ensure they function correctly and work as expected. If any adjustments are necessary, engineers will make changes to their design and begin testing again. Once their robot is fully functional, robotics engineers will test the various functions and settings to ensure it performs as expected. They may also test with a variety of materials and settings to ensure the robot is capable of completing a variety of tasks

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