Why Nottingham Is The Best Place For Filming?

Don’t let the mouth-to-mouth words deceive you about the gorgeous city of Nottingham. It is undoubtedly rich in history, tradition, and glamour. You should also know about filming in Nottingham

It is the city known as the soil and home of the hunting ground of Robin Hood. Yet, what is known as the British place of angry sheriff is much more than what history taught us.

The city of Nottingham for sure doesn’t lack authenticity. Perhaps that is the reason why many blockbuster films have been shot in this glorious British city.

The city has aesthetically pleasing places and things to give you that perfect venue that you might be looking for your next film.

What are the Best Places in Nottingham?

Over the course of the years, Filming in Nottingham has turned out to be a dream for many filmmakers. And for a good reason, too, given the city doesn’t lack culture, authenticity, and history. Following are some of the well-known places that filmmakers love.

  • Attenborough Nature Reserve

This gorgeous place is named after the great David Attenborough. Upon visiting, one can assume this place is a big house for many birds.

In addition to that, the place is very wide, with a whopping 350 acres. So what seemed to be the perfect venue for shooting your film was actually a gravel pit.

Nowadays, according to many filmmakers, it is one of the most aesthetically pleasing places in Nottingham to shoot. Not to mention the ambience around the place is a bonus!

  • Wollaton Hall & Deer Park

A place where you can see some gorgeous deers gazing and running freely? Yes, please!

Not to mention the gorgeous place was the home of the hero of Gotham in the movie the dark knight rises.

But it doesn’t end there. There is a lot of rich history you can see within this glorious hall. And when you bring all the venues together, it is just perfect for a film.

Just imagine a Retro drama shooting inside this historical hall where you can hear a pin drop! Exciting, right?

  • Nottingham Castle

You can never go wrong with the historical Nottingham castle

The castle has about 40 meters high clips on its east and west side.

The place is known to be the center of many films that have been shot in the beautiful British city.

The gorgeous castle has been on the soil of Nottingham since 1067. So if you are looking for a place that can complement the historical aspect of your film, Nottingham Castle is perfect for you.

  • The Caves Of Nottingham

Did you know the city of Nottingham has the most human-made caves in Europe?

Well then, don’t be surprised to know that Nottingham has many caves under the streets.

In addition to being a perfect filming spot, legends say that when you explore these caves’ deeper insides, it gets spooky.

These caves are one of the additions to the great history of the city of Nottingham.

  • Belton House

Looking for an ideal rich British country house for your film? Look no further! The Belton House is the epitome of what an ideal country English house should look like.

The beautiful house is a perfect example of what an excellent interior design should be like.

The showcase of Carolean architecture gets regarded as the gorgeous house of Belton. The house also has a rich history of owners.

The Most Well-Known Films Shot in Nottingham

As we went over some of the gorgeous places in Nottingham for filming, It is no brainer that the city is a favorite of many filmmakers. These gorgeous places are proven to be the finest backdrop for top-notch performances. That being said, here are some of the well-known films which were shot in Nottingham.

  • The Dark Knight Rises

The prince of Gotham, the Batman in the film The Dark Knight Rises, is suited perfectly to the gorgeous city of Nottingham.

Christopher Nolan did wonders again. And this time in the action-adventure movie of The Dark Night Rises.

After the battle with the Joker, it was time Batman dealt with an obnoxious terrorist who won’t stop at any cost to destroy the city of Gotham. The film was released in the year 2012 and won 19 awards out of 60 nominations.

  • This is England

If you are one of the people who would enjoy a film about life in Nottingham, then this movie is for you.

The filmmaker portrayed the story perfectly with the aesthetics and venue of the film.

The story is about a brave boy named Shaun who stood up to some bullies, leading him to join the gang. However, things drift as one of the gang members joins after robbing released from prison.

  • Bronson

A biographical crime film named Bronson was filmed in the city of Nottingham. The well-known actor and producer Tom Hardy was the star of this film.

  • Weekend

Last but not the list is one of the best romantic drama films named the weekend. 

It is the story of two wonderful men finding themselves in a valuable relationship after a one-night stand.

ConclusionAs mentioned earlier, the city doesn’t lack anything when it comes to filming in Nottingham. It checks all the criteria that you may need for your film. And the award-winning films that have been shot here are the living example of that.

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