Best Credit cards for health-conscious individuals

The famous proverb “Health is wealth” means one’s health is the greatest wealth. Especially after Covid-19, we all are very much concerned about our health. A small negligence can lead to serious disease and end up in huge medical bills. The diseases are spreading very fast and the need for money can arise at any point in time to meet the medical bills. The diseases don’t care about your financial life, but the banks and financial institutions do. Therefore there are several banks and financial institutions that have come up with credit cards that can help you to meet your huge medical bills. Although multiple credit cards can help you to meet your financial needs, there are some special medical-oriented credit cards. These medical-oriented credit cards usually require a high Credit score. Medical oriented credit cards are considered to be very efficient in times of medical emergency.

Best Medical-Oriented credit cards

Meeting medical bills is a must to maintain our health. Therefore, there are some banks and financial institutions that understand your financial life and have specially designed credit cards to minimize your medical bills. These banks and financial institutions consider your credit score before approving loans and credit cards. Some of the well known medical-oriented medical credit cards are as follows:-

Axis Bank Aura Credit Card for health-oriented individuals

The Axis Bank Aura Credit Card is considered to be one of the most efficient credit cards in the market. Moreover, this credit card can be availed by paying the annual fee of INR 749. It not only has the potential to minimize your medical bills but also has some admirable key features and benefits. For example:-

  • Access to free consultations 48 times.
  • Discount for up to 15% on the medical bills on the 1mg mobile app.
  • Live four free interactive fitness sessions.
  • Earn a discount for up to five hundred rupees on annual health checkups. 
  • Discount on nutritional diet consultation from well-known nutritionists for up to 30%.

SBI Pulse Credit Card for fitness freaks

This SBI Pulse Credit Card is an ideal credit card for individuals whose priority is health. Moreover, this credit card provides you with membership in very known health industries and hospitals. Netmeds is a well-known organization in the health sector.  In addition, this credit card lets you avail yourself of the membership of Netmeds. Moreover, it not just serves you the best but also has some key features which are adorable. Some of the benefits and features are down below:-

  • One year of free membership for Netmeds and FIT PassPro. 
  • Avail of 10 reward points by spending hundred rupees on Medival bills, dining, and movie bills.
  • A Noise ColorFit pulse smartwatch as a welcome gift.
  • 1% discount on every fuel expense of INR 500 to INR 4,000 per month. 

Yes Bank Wellness Plus Credit Card for Medical bills

Aditya Birla Wellness Private Limited has collaborated with Yes Bank and created the Yes Bank Wellness Plus Credit card. This credit card is an efficient and ideal credit card for health-conscious individuals. Lastly, this credit card just not only reduces your medical bills but also has a lot more to give such as:-

  • Free eye and dental checkups annually (T&C applies).
  • Lifetime free consultation from general practitioners, Nutritionists, and specialists.
  • This credit card lets you avail yourself of the medical insurance benefit of twenty fine lakh rupees, in emergency hospitalized while travelling to foreign countries.
  • Monthly Complimentary sessions for yoga, fitness, Zumba, etc.

Apollo SBI Credit Card to meet medical bills

Apollo is a well-known health organization in the health sector of  India. So does the SBI a well-known government body. These two organizations came up in collaboration and specially created a credit card to meet the yearly medical bills and provide benefits related to the health sector.  Moreover, it is considered to be one of the best credit cards in India. Lastly, the Reasons it is an ideal credit card are down below:-

  • It provides you with five hundred reward points as a welcome gift.
  • Reward points can be used to pay the bills at Apollo Hospitals.
  • It helps you to save up to 2,713 Indian rupees on annual spending of 4 lakh Indian rupees.
  • Rewards points on bills of cosmetics, movies, and dining options.

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