Best Valorant Shroud Settings: Mouse Sensitivity

Michael Shrouds is one of the most well-known gamers in battle games. He spent his most important years as a former CSGO pro to learn how to improve these settings.

He is now a god of FPS and can be seen on his Twitch streams playing battle games like Valorant. He is also one of the most successful and popular steamers in the Word of Gaming Zone.

This article will discuss this crazy player and his setting for playing amazing games.

Shrouds Valorant Game Settings

Let’s take a look at the Shroud Valorant Settings and his incredible skills to enhance your performance.

Shrouds Gear

Monitor – Alienware AW2721D

Mouse: Logitech G Pro X Superlight

Mousepad: Logitech G840 SE

Keyboard: Logitech G Pro X Keyboard SE

Headset Logitech G PRO X Wireless Headset Se

( Logitech G Pro X Superlight) Mouse Settings


DPI: 450 ( Value)

eDPI: 351 ( Value)

Hz: 1,000 ( Value)

Sensitivity: 0.78 ( Value)

Scoped Sensitivity : 1 (Value)

Windows Sensitivity : 6 (Value)

Valorant Keybinds

Settings Name

Walk – L shift (Shroud’s Keybinds).

Crouch – L Ctrl – Shroud’s Keybinds

Jump – Space Bar/ Mouse Down

Use Object F Shroud’s Keybinds – Shroud’s Keybinds

Equip Primary Weapon – 1 Shroud’s Keybinds

Secondary Weapon: 2 Shroud’s Keybinds

Equip Melee Weapon – 3 (Shroud’s Keybinds

Equip Spike – 4 (Shroud’s Keybinds

Equip Ability: 1E (Shroud’s Keybinds).

Equip Ability: 2Q (Shroud’s Keybinds

Equip Ability: 3C (Shroud’s Keybinds).

Equip Ability: Ultimate – X (Shroud’s Keybinds).

Crosshair Settings

It is up to you to decide what crosshair you prefer. You can find the right crosshair settings in Valorant, or you can try Shroud’s crosshair using the Valorant Crosshair Generator App. Once you have tested it, you will be able to see if it works well on your gaming computer. You can also use other players and their settings to enhance your performance, such as Mongraal settings.

Crosshair color: White

Center Dot: Off

Crosshair Outline: On

Capacity of the Outline: 1

Thickness of the Outline: 1

Inner Lines

Inner Line Opacity 1

Inner Line Length: 4

Thickness of the Inner Line: 2

Inner line Offset: 2

Outer lines: On

Outer line Opacity: 0.35

Outer Line Length: 2

Outer Line Thickness 2

Offset at the outer line: 10

If you want to ensure accuracy when shooting, it is important to understand the difference between firing and error movement. Both the shooting range settings can be used and you can check the effects on the crosshair visuals. You will notice that your crosshair lines react to your movements and weapon firings, increasing its size.

Shroud’s Display Settings

This is important as it hits your enemies with a precise aim. It also allows the player to clearly see the enemy and has a smooth frame rate. You can reduce the clutter on your screen by using Valorant’s graphic settings, including those used by Shroud. This will allow you to easily find the enemies. Low-quality graphics can reduce input tags, but they also allow your gaming computer to divert more frames to create clear motion on your screens.

Display Mode

Resolution: 2560×1440

Frame Rate Limit 240 FPS

High Quality

Texture Quality High

Detail Quality Low

UI Quality Low

Vignette: OFF


Anti Aliasing: None

Anisotropic Filtering: 4x

Increase Clarity: Off

Bloom – Off

First Person Shadows – Off

Distortion – Off

Shroud Valorant Map Settings

Rotate – Based on Side

Keep Player Centred: Off

Minimap Size : 0.978

Minimap Zoom 0.843

Minimap Vision Cones: On

Show map Region Names : Never

Shroud Valorant Video Settings

High Quality

Anti Aliasing: MSAA 4x

Detail Quality High

Anisotropic Filtering: 8x

Texture Quality High

Increase clarity

UI Quality Low

Boom – Off

Vignette – Off

Distortion – Off

Vsync – Off

First Person Shadow: on

Shroud Radar Settings

The radar, or minimap, is another important tool in your inventory. You can modify it according to your needs. You must be able to see it clearly in order to track your surroundings. However, it does not obscure your view. It is possible to see how much information the radar displays and how big the screen takes up. Here’s a list of the radar settings Shroud uses for streaming.


Fixed orientation: Based on the Side

Keep the Players Focused: Off

Minimap Size: 1.28

Minimap Zoom: 1.

Minimap Vision Cones: On

Show Map Region Name: Always

Wrapping up!

This article is for all gamers who are interested in learning more about the settings that the god of steaming gaming uses. All settings, from keybinds to radar, have been explained. We hope that you find all the information you need here. To understand his game settings, read the article.

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