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For all the difficulties faced by the students in order to solve the mathematical problems. Most of the topics like theorems, proofs, and constructions are challenging for the students to understand. This happens as a result of a lack of basics or failing to understand the concepts behind the topic. Cuemath will provide the opportunity to build a strong foundation of mathematical concepts. It was created by Manan khurma in 2013. With a mission of transforming today’s children into future natural problem solvers. By applying their maths knowledge to solve the textbook’s problems as well as real-life problems. It came to India 7 years ago. well-designed booklet At present, it runs 2000+ centers. Around 10,000+ students are getting benefits from Cuemath classes.

Cuemath Teaching Structure

  • Cuemath website provides free demo classes in order to choose between the many online tutoring websites which are available on the Internet today.
  • Cuemath will provide the options for the parents to choose their own tutors based on their teaching methods and the flexibility of the timings which can be done through the experience that they got through attending the free live demo sessions which are provided by the cuemath platform.
  • Math classes will have a class size of 6 that is a ratio of 1:6 which means each tutor is assigned with only 6 students so that it is easy for them to get control over all the students and to give individual attention to each of the students through their interactive live session classes.
  • Each class will have a duration of 60 minutes out of which 60 minutes of the 40minutes of the class will be spent solving the problems which are related to academic mathematics. The next 10 minutes of the time is spent in achieving the calculation speed which is very important along with the problem-solving capacity in order to answer all the questions in the exams within the allotted time span next 5 minutes are spent concentrating on mental aptitude that is answering the questions verbally by calculating the answers in the mind without using the paper this will helps in improving their aptitude.

Know More About Integral Calculus.

Integral calculus can be defined as the branch of calculus which mainly deals with the theory and applications of integrals. Integration is one of the important concepts in mathematics; it is just the reverse process of differentiation which means finding the antiderivative of the given function.

There are mainly two types of integrals definite integral 

indefinite integrals

1. Definite integral- In which the value of the upper limit and the lower limit or the starting and ending value is already defined is called definite integral the value of the X which we calculated is restricted to lie on a real line.

2. Indefinite integrals- In which the value of the per limit on the lower limit are the starting and the ending values or not defined is called the indefinite integrals this integral represents the family of after given functions where the derivative of those functions are given by f.

Uses of Integral Calculus

Integral Calculus is used in the following sectors.

  1. To find out f from the given function f’. If a function f is differentiable in the given interval, then f’ is defined. 
  2. To calculate the curve area.

Application of Integral Calculus.

It has a wide variety of applications, some of which are listed below. 

In the calculation of the following.

  • Centre of mass
  •  the area between two curves.
  • Kinetic energy
  • Surface area
  • Work
  • Distance, velocity, and acceleration
  • The average value of a function
  • Volume

Learn more about the topic at the Cuemath Website.

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