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How to Save Money on a Laptop for Your Teen

Shopping for a computer for your teenager is stressful, especially if they need access to their own laptop for virtual school classes, homework, and personal entertainment. Laptops are a huge expense so there are lots of different things to consider before you go out and find one for your child. Not only should their laptop be durable and able to last them quite a while, but it also needs to be powerful enough for everything that they plan to do on it including schoolwork, extra-curricular classes, and entertainment. But getting a laptop for your teen doesn’t always come cheap, so here are some options to consider for saving money.

Buy Used

Most of the time, teens don’t need the latest laptop release to get the most out of their computer. You can save money by shopping around for a used laptop that is capable of just as much as a new one would be. Computers don’t improve as much with each new release as they used to, and for the things that teens tend to need a computer for, a laptop that is a few years old is often more than enough.

Shop Around

Many manufacturers offer laptops that are designed for teens such as these Lenovo Laptops for Middle School that are worth looking out for. They’re designed for the kind of tasks that your teen is going to be using them for and are often available for all budgets. If you are looking to buy a new laptop, then it’s a good idea to first make a list of your requirements and budget so that you can narrow down your options easily during your search.


If you are upgrading your own laptop or have an old laptop that you no longer use but still has some life left in it, then this might be a good option for your teen’s first laptop for school. Unless the laptop is seriously slow and takes hours to boot up and open apps, then you can probably make a few tweaks to improve its performance. Consider downloading cleaning software for the hard drive and if possible, upgrade the RAM for better and faster performance.


Another good option to consider if you want to save money on getting your teen their first laptop for school is to opt for a refurbished laptop. These are laptops that are not brand new but have been restored to a like-new standard and are often available at a fraction of the retail price. As long as you buy a laptop from a reputable company or from a manufacturer that offers refurbished tech with warranties, then you should be able to find a device that meets your child’s needs and performs just as well as brand-new. Buying a laptop for your teen to use for school can get expensive, especially if you’ve got more than one child to buy for. Keep these tips in mind when it comes to getting the best tech on a budget.

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