Google Analytics and Real Estate

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics collects information about visitors to a website. Google Analytics provides exceptional insight into user activity and collects vital user data in real time, from a website’s traffic sources to the amount of hits each month.

How does it work?

Google Analytics is a fantastic tool for a variety of reasons, the most important of which is its low cost: $0. Site owners can track most (but not all) visits to their site in just a few easy steps.

Site owners may track a variety of information about site visits by creating an account and inserting a little bit of tracking code to every page.

However, not every visitor can be monitored, and not all sorts of interactions can be recorded using Google Analytics’ basic setup (GA). The internal workings of GA are to blame for both of these constraints.

How does it help in Real Estate?

The choices for evaluating interest in your listings as a real estate agent used to be relatively restricted. For example, you might place an ad in a local newspaper and keep track of how many individuals responded. Alternatively, you might conduct an open house and count the number of individuals that came through the door.

Real estate websites are the equivalent of store windows in this new real estate marketing landscape: Potential homebuyers visit to view images and floor plans, hear about communities and school districts, and determine whether or not the agent (or organisation) is one with whom they want to work. So, how can you make sure that YOUR real estate website is a property-selling machine that’s lean and mean? The solution is Google Analytics.

You can track the performance of your real estate website as well as the efficacy of your marketing efforts with Google Analytics. Do you want to know how many visits your partner sites, such as Qazi Investments, M2 Marketing bring your way? You can find out using Google Analytics. That is only one example. You’ll be able to track your real estate website’s performance once you’ve installed Google Analytics like,

Find out how people are finding your site (is it through a Google search?). Are you getting a lot of referral traffic? Direct?)

Discover which of your sites generates the most traffic and receives the most social shares (Blog post? Homepage? (Is there a search page for listings?)

Find out which portions of your website generate the most leads via conversion events (Contact form? Do you want to subscribe to our newsletter? (Is there a social sharing button?)

It measures the behavior of the audience

How long do visitors’ stays on your website once they first arrive, and do they return after they leave? The behavior report may assist you in determining data such as which pages users’ visit, which sites they leave, and how long they spend on each page. If a visitor to your neighborhood page clicks away after two seconds, you know your content or style has to be improved. If they stay for many minutes, you’ve hit on something and can try to replicate your findings elsewhere on your site.

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The bottom-line

With the additional information you’ve gained from Google Analytics, you’ll be able to enhance the performance of your website (and marketing approach).

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