The Quran should be kept in people’s homes.

The Quran is one of the most important books in every home, and nobody can argue with that. Holy Quran not only gives us a sense of safety, but it is also Allah’s blessing on us 24 hours a day. But that doesn’t always mean that the Quran will protect us if we keep it locked up in our homes. To enjoy the Quran, we need to open it often and read it with faith and conviction.
Everyone should keep a Quran at home. Many people don’t know how important it is to keep it at home, especially in non-Muslim countries, so an online Quran teacher should tell everyone about this and explain the benefits.

The Quran is like the jewel in a Muslim’s house. It is a wonderful way to get to heaven if you take care of it, study it, and treat it with respect. The Quran is the most important book in the world because it contains the words of Allah. If you follow these golden words, you will succeed, but if you don’t, you will fail.

Allah has promised heaven to the people who have the Quran and read it often. “The house where the Quran is read shines to people in the heavens just like the stars shine to people on earth,” says Sahih Hadith.

You know the Quran, and you know who you are.

Just like when we look up at the stars and feel awed by their light, the Quran lights up our hearts when we keep it in our homes and takes us to Jannah. And that’s the highest praise you can get for keeping the Quran in your homes and reading it aloud. Not to mention that the Quran gives us guidance in our everyday lives, has ten times the reward for every letter that is spoken and blesses your life like nothing else. We should start early by reciting the Quran and trying to learn it by heart so we can teach our children. So make sure you don’t just have Allah’s word with you all the time; you also read it, learn from it, and use it daily. Home is where the heart is, and the Quran is where the heart is.

That’s how important the Quran is to the life of every Muslim. But that’s not easy to do, and you need to follow a good guide to get the final guide of the word of Allah.

Learn about how the Quran was written:

You should also try to understand the science behind the Quran and its long history, such as how and when it was revealed, why it was revealed, why it is called the whole source of guidance, etc. Learn about the life of our Prophet Mohammad, the person to whom it was revealed (PBUH)

Doing all of these things will help you learn the Quran to a level that makes sense to you and makes you feel closer to Allah.

Use a dependable online Quran teacher:

The next step is to understand a language you already know fully. Choose the online Quran teacher in language you know best, whether it’s English, Urdu, Spanish, or any other language in the world (except Arabic, if you can’t read it). When you read the Quran in the language you grew up speaking and are fluent in, you will understand it very well.

Study hadiths and ayahs that have been put together. Allah gave us the Quran as a complete guide, so we need to use and read all of the ayahs in the Quran and the hadiths that have been told. If you read the ayahs of the Quran by themselves, you might not get the whole point of what Allah is trying to say to you.

Let’s say you know what the Quran is about. In that case, you’ll never miss a day to sign up for the Best Quran Academy, “Hassaan Quran Academy,” where an online Quran teacher will teach you the right way to read and understand the Quran when you choose. Hassaan Quran Academy offers online Quran teacher worldwide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to meet the needs of its students.

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