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How often to Water Succulents

In this article i will tell you how often to water succulents. While succulents are a truly well-known house plant, a great many people have close to zero insight into them for sure it takes to really focus on one. Ideally, this article will provide you with a comprehension of what succulents are and how to water them appropriately. Succulents are a gathering of plants that store water inside their leaves.

There are many various plants that qualify as delicious however not all are utilized as house plants. Their leaves are by and large thick and plump which assists them with putting away water and supplements for such a long time. Succulents will generally flourish in dry environments and don’t exactly like a ton of stickiness. Like all plants, succulents need water to guarantee the best wellbeing and blooming.

Succulents can make due for a surprisingly long time without water which is the reason they flourish in the desert. They store water and supplements in their leaves and roots which makes them a strong plant. It’s one reason they’re so exceptionally well known as a house plant. On the off chance that you don’t have a green thumb then succulents might be the best plant for you.

Assuming a delicious’ foundations sit in water for a really long time they can begin to decay and kick the bucket. So overwatering is the same amount of an issue as under-watering. The most effective method to water succulents is a vital inquiry to respond to in the event that you anticipate involving them in your home. They’re an excellent little plant and keeping in mind that they’re very tough, they actually need appropriate consideration to flourish.

Tips On How Often To Water Succulents

How to cure succulents

To keep our succulents in excellent health, special precautions are needed. They must, therefore, be taken care of if we want them to grow healthy and reach their annual flowering.

How often to water succulents in winter

The ideal places to keep succulents in winter are greenhouses or winter gardens, where plants are protected and where it is possible to control the temperature, the degree of humidity, the light. To make succulents grow well, try to put together cacti and succulents that have the same needs to best treat them, even if they are of different types.

How often to water succulents In summer

In summer, succulents have no particular problems and resist even temperatures above 30 C. If they expose themselves to full sun for the first time, cover them for a few days with a towel. There are species – like caudiciform – that “hibernate” in the summer and therefore should not be watered often.

When to sow succulents?

The best time to sow succulents is from January to April! Make sure you have suitable soil for succulents which must be very sifted and to which you can add sand if you feel the need to make it softer.

How to irrigate succulents

Succulents should only be watered in the summer: the last watering usually takes place in mid-November.  

If you are wondering when to start watering succulents, know that in the south it can start from March while in the north from April. In the northernmost areas, almost on the border, it is better to start from May. Irrigation then ends in August in the north and until November in the south.

How to keep succulents indoors

It is possible to keep succulents in the house, the important thing is that they are placed in pots that have a drainage hole on the bottom and at least 4 cm. of depth. Succulent plants love to stay in the sun so, even at home, let’s place them south, near windows or balconies. Finally, always remove wilted flowers and parts affected by pests, which could damage the whole plant.

How to report succulents

For succulents, repotting is also very important: the first one should be done as soon as we buy the plant and then every two years. The choice of potting soil is important, check that there are no insects and that the roots are not damaged and cut those that are too dry and long using a disinfected blade. Water after 2 weeks.

How to cure diseases of succulents

To cure succulents, the first thing to do is understand the cause and take action. So balance well all watering, pruning, fertilizing and nutrition. As for pests, it is good to prevent with the use of insecticides or fungicides to be used the first time with the beginning of spring and the second time with the arrival of winter, when the plant is preparing for rest.

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