How to Delete a Comment on Instagram in 2022

How to Delete a Comment on Instagram

Have you made a grammatical error (typing mistake) while commenting on another person’s Instagram posts? Don’t stress, you can return that large number of comments by erasing them from the posts you have commented on.

Making an error during commenting is normal among us and we need it to be taken out or disposed of. On account of Instagram for giving the component to delete the comment from the posts.

There are two cases in which you can delete your Instagram comments:

  • The first case is when someone comments on your post and you want to delete it.
  • The second case is when you leave a comment on someone else’s post and you want it to be deleted.

How to Delete a Comment on Instagram?

You will see a red garbage bin symbol when you swipe left on the Comments outline page. You can delete a comment by tapping the red garbage bin symbol.

How Do You Delete Comments Off Instagram Live?

You can observe the Comments confine the lower left-hand corner of your screen by tapping on it.

The crate contains three vertical spots. Tap them.

You can switch off commenting by tapping the Turn off Commenting button.

How to Delete a Comment on Instagram On Live?

Associate posts and action updates can be deleted by tapping the drop-down bolt in the upper-right corner. Then, at that point, select Delete. Assuming a post is deleted, it likewise eliminates any comments that are added to it. To delete a comment, click the Delete symbol in the upper-right corner of the comment box.

How to Delete a Comment on Instagram On Live Chat?

You can handicap comments under “Comments on your new videos” and “Comments on your Discussions tab” by clicking Settings > Community > Defaults. You can likewise survey possibly unseemly chat messages by checking “Purchase possibly improper chat messages”. Then, at that point, click Save.

What Happens If You Delete A Comment On Instagram?

You can essentially delete a comment from Instagram after it has been deleted. The main way the spammer will see that you have a malicious comment on one of your posts is by assuming you return and search for it once more. No one gets told when you have a nasty comment on one of your posts.

Does Instagram Tell People When You Delete A Comment?

It is preposterous to expect to inform Instagram when you delete a comment from an individual’s post. Notwithstanding, nothing keeps them from getting back to the post and seeing that their comment has been deleted.

Will I Delete A Comment I Made On Someone’s Post?

The individual who posted the comment can’t delete it, and the individual who posted the comment can’t delete it on their own divider or on another person’s divider. Assuming you deal with a Facebook Group or Page, you can delete comments posted by that gathering or page. You can delete somebody’s comment on your divider the same way you can delete somebody’s comment all alone.

How to delete a comment on Instagram on your computer?

How to delete a comment on Instagram on your computer?

1. Open your browser and go to (Prefer to use Chrome)

2. Log in to your account and locate the comment that you want to delete.

3. Now, move your cursor to that comment. (You will see three dots on the right side of the comment)

4. Click on those three dots and select the delete option.

How to Delete Comments in Bulk on Instagram using iPhone and Android

Sometimes your Instagram post is full of spam comments, and no one wants to keep it that way. But deleting one comment at a time is not a good option. You can delete a large number of comments in one click. Let’s see how to do this on iPhone and Android.

1. Open the comments of your Instagram post by clicking on the speech bubble icon.

2. iPhone user, click on the three dots available in the top right corner and select the Manage Comment option.

3. For android users, Tap and hold on to the comments that you want to delete.

4. Select up to 25 comments.

5. Tap on the trash can icon to delete all selected comments.

I hope now you have got an idea on How to Delete a Comment on Instagram from the posts n 2022. Whenever you made a typo while commenting, you can correct it by deleting the comments.

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