How to Hang a Tapestry on Your Wall in 10 Simple Steps


People typically tend to miss out the ornamental prospects of a clean wall. Sure, you’ll droop paintings, family portraits and build a gallery wall, however what if we tend to tell you that you just will take it a notch higher? Tapestries square measure one among the simplest however innovative ways that to brighten a clean enclose a fashion that instantly arrests attention. whereas we tend to not suggest that you just flip your front room or your room into a depository of tapestries, however textile arts, vintage materials, and even vibrant textiles square measure good for hanging over the couch or behind the bed. It adds colour, volume, and pattern to an area.

However, if you’re curious about a way to droop a tapestry on the wall, yogashq has gathered some fail proof concepts that you just will use while not damaging either the wall or the tapestry. So, before you hunt for the proper tapestry for your walls, browse on to seek out some innovative concepts of hanging a tapestry. 

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Nails or Pushpins:

Probably the simplest means of hanging a wall tapestry is by victimising nails or pushpins. However, this can be solely applicable for larger tapestries because it might cause holes in smaller ones. you’ll either droop it in a very taut means by hanging the tapestry by the corners; this may provide you with an informal drape. For a straighter look, attach it with a row of nails on the pinnacle of the piece.

Adhesive Hooks:

Wondering to droop a tapestry in a very way that leaves no mark on the walls? Adhesive hooks square measure a win-win resolution as they will not solely be taken out while not going away a hole within the wall however additionally cause no injury to the tapestry. 

If you reside in a very rental home or end up moving homes oft, this can be the perfect thanks to droop a wall tapestry; it’s straightforward to mount additionally as take down whenever the necessity arises. attempt fastening loops of rope or string to the highest corners of the tapestry and droop it on the wall hooks. Another dodgy means is to feature grommets to the tapestry’s corners if yours doesn’t keep company with one already. Once victimisation adhesive hooks in concert of the tapestry hanging ideas¸ you’ll additionally use curtain rings for a touch of a drape and a classy look.

Rod in Casing:

Delicate tapestries with convoluted embroidery may typically keep company with a casing for a rod, specifically meant for hanging. These squares measure very easy to hold and square measure fuss-free. All you have got to try and do is choose a rod that goes with the tapestry and append. Now, if it doesn’t have a casing, then a way to droop that tapestry? 

you’ll create one! simply sew a heavy-weight material across its back consistent with the dimension of the rod and on the highest of the material strip additionally because the bottom to go away area for the rod. If you’re cautious of it not being a straight sew, a garment maker would be able to assist you. This can be sublime thanks to drooping a tapestry or maybe numerous sorts of rugs.

Frame it:

Who can’t flip your tapestry into a piece of art? merely stretch it out on a picket frame or a plyboard board employing a staple gun. However, if the tapestry is skinny, then you may ought to stretch and staple a canvas to the frame in order that the wood doesn’t come into view through the clear material. thus if you’re brooding about {how to|the means to|a way to} droop a tapestry in a very way that it doubles up a bit of art, this can be the thanks to go.

Velcro Strips:

Yet another harmless and damage-free means you’ll droop a wall tapestry is by victimisation Velcro strips. This technique doesn’t like any further hardware and additionally offers the tapestry a far cleaner take care of its decoration. So, once trying to find tapestry hanging concepts that don’t require the trouble of hooks, clips, pins, and nails. Here’s a way to droop tapestry victimisation Velcro strips:

Measure the tapestry or the carpeting and therefore the wall, and create the markings as per wherever you would like to position it.

Next, attach the Velcro strips to the tapestry and therefore the wall. keep in mind that it wants time to line before you’ll droop the tapestry.

Depending on however you would like the tapestry to appear on the wall, you’ll either place the Velcro on all four corners to create it tight and straight or simply on the highest for an additional flowy look. However, if your tapestry is massive and serious, it’s best that you just add a strip at the lowest for further support.

From The Ceiling:

Does your space have restricted clean wall space? Or does one board a bedroom and wish a divider for privacy? In each case (and more), hanging a tapestry from the wall is the ideal possibility. Vertical tapestries square measure the apt selection for this type. Here’s however you’ll droop a wall tapestry from your ceiling:

If you have got drywall as your ceiling, you’ll additionally use nails or pushpins. However, keep in mind that gravity is at play here, thus you may wish to induce it with some further nails for further support.

This technique of hanging a wall tapestry is additionally good for obstructing harsh light-weight by draping the tapestry and making a billowed result.

Foam Core:

A method terribly almost like that of stretching the tapestry on a picket frame or a plyboard board, this one wants a foam board rather than any wood and needs some quantity of DIY skills. Glue 2 sheets of froth boards along ahead. Also, confine mind that you just can like enough material thus on the cowl the sides of the thick foam board. Next, cowl the froth board with a linen material that’s serious and staple it tightly onto the rear of the board. Then sew the tapestry onto the material employing a sickle-shaped needle.

Frames: a way to droop a tapestry

That is terribly fragile, intricate, or overdyed or vintage rugs? merely place it behind glass and frame it. select a frame that’s coherent with the design of the tapestry and you may have a tapestry that serves the twin purpose of a painting and a tapestry.

Rope or Cable:

If you’re dodgy and don’t mind disbursing it slowly DIYing your space, this can be one among the simplest tapestry hanging concepts you may realise. You have got 2 options: string a rope through the highest of the tapestry that includes a little pocket for a rope to pass employing a needle and thread and droop it from nails or hooks. Or, use a cable television if you would like to simply clip it, hang it, and forget it. This can be nice for a few further privacy.

Make a Canopy:

There is no reason why you ought to limit yourself to simple walls once you are curious about a way to droop a tapestry after you will get inventive and improvise. droop the tapestry from the ceiling (using the tactic explained in purpose 6) and onto the wall to make a comfortable, dreamy, boho-chic area out of your bed, a sitting, or a reading space. Attaching atiny low hook or a bit of rope to the centre of the tapestry can assist you bring home the bacon that canopy-like look. currently that’s one cool thanks to droop a wall tapestry!

Handmade Rugs as Wall Tapestry

Tapestries square measure typically undervalued once it involves victimising them as standalone ornamentation items. The trick lies in finding the correct one that helps you produce the atmosphere you would like in your space and additionally to grasp a way to droop a tapestry artistically in order that it will do justice to that.

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