Gokarna Beach Trek things to do


Gokarna is a small beach town on the Arabian Sea coast, beautifully nestled on the west coast of Karnataka State. Due to the precipitous weather conditions on the coast, the trek becomes difficult. However, here you will enjoy the sublime experience of trekking that you will treasure forever. 

Things to do at Gokarna Beach

There are plenty of activities in Gokarna that you can enjoy with your friends, family, or loved ones. Here are some of the things that Gokarna has to offer you.


Some of the most vivid and charming views are offered by the panoramic landscape of Gokarna. You can give in to your desire to catch all of the beautiful things you see and get on with worthy shots. Photographers and locals have marked points on the trail from which you can get stunning photos.

Beach Trekking

Among the best things to do in Gokarna, is to walk through the rugged beaches of this quaint little town to breathe in the freshness of its laidback life. There are many beaches in Gokarna that offer panoramic views, beach sports, and seafood. At the end of the trek, one has to force themselves only a little for that slice of paradise and to be able to soak in the wonderful views.

Beach Camping and stargazing

The inexpressible beauty of the beaches of Gokarna increases abundantly when talking about camping here. There are various stargazing camps with explicitly built tents and seating, thus are easy to find one. Beach camping makes waking up to the sound of waves hurrying to the seashore, an experience to never forget. 

The coastal destination has the perfect weather to hang out until late, enjoy the barbecue, and sit until midnight on a lawn chair to watch the stars. Lying on the beach and gazing up at the wide-open sky at night is a fascinating experience.

Walking at night

Post dinner, you can venture onto a revamping and rejuvenating night walk under a star-studded sky along the beach. Not only that, but you can enjoy a bonfire on the cool sand for a stunning sight of phytoplankton glistening. This is an opportunity once in a lifetime that places an unforgettable moment forever..

Shell Collecting

As a remembrance of the good times with families and as a gift to the loved ones back home, everyone loves to collect souvenirs. They are so  free and beautiful that no one can one resist collecting souvenirs. Another fun thing to do in Gokarna is on a laid back stroll, with the sea waves washing at one’s feet, gathering some pretty and special sea-shells, and letting one’s imagination go wild.


A stunning sight at sunset 

A very calming and rewarding experience is watching the sunset at Gokarna. It is truly beautiful to see the sun setting and dwindling into the sea horizon, turning the sky into a palette of colors. You can capture the sunlight that hits this temple town’s unusually rocky beaches to cherish the exceptional beauty of this charming town for a lifetime. 

A Romantic Candle  Light  Dinner 

By enjoying a romantic candlelight dinner along the beaches while camping in Gokarna, makes your trip unforgettable. The town’s peaceful beaches are the ideal places for your exclusive romantic dinner by the sea. This is one of the best ways to encounter all its glory. For a splendid vibe, a candle-light dinner is a strongly recommended experience.

Beach Sports 

You can transform your leisure evenings into a reenergizing feat by engaging in the numerous Gokarna beach activities such as volleyball, badminton, frisbee, and anything that your creative mind allows.

You can also consider signing up for a snorkeling trip to discover the colorful marine life underwater if you want to partake in some coastline adventure. At one of the many rafting camps, you can also sign up with a party from where you will be taken to the venue for an exciting wave riding experience.

Boating is serene, calm, and perfectly unwinds you. But if you want to take your experience to the next level, Karawa jet boating gives you an opportunity which you wouldn’t want to skip. 

To these adventure sports, sand, sun, and the crashing sounds of the waves add some extra components. Also, the location’s atmosphere undoubtedly energizes the players, making the game all the more exciting.

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