Trekking the Great Lakes of Kashmir – Prepare for the Unexpected


Kashmir is without a doubt among the most beautiful places on the planet. Kashmir is a trekker’s heaven, with gorgeous valleys and mountains that radiate calm. The path that explores these lakes is one of the most sought after treks in the region, with magnificent high altitude lakes such as Gadasar, Satsar, Nundkol, Gangabal, Vishansar, and Krishnasar.

Why it is paradise on earth?

The walk is breathtaking and confirms the adage that “Kashmir is paradise on Earth. The path was blocked to civilians for several years before being reopened as a benefit to the hiking community.

The Kashmir Lakes journey allows you to explore and camp at five high-altitude lakes in distinct breathtaking landscapes. 

These unspoiled lake bodies, with emerald green seas, come straight out of an HD wallpaper. These lakes are encircled and protected by steep mountains and are breathtakingly beautiful. The Gasar lake is one of the least researched lakes in this category. It not only necessitates a difficult trip, it is however less frequented by visitors. Gadsar is fed by a massive glacier nearby, and the walk is similar to the Valley of Flowers journey. The meadow meadows and wildflowers that flourish here will help you feel as if you’re on a movie set. 


Day 1: 

Go to the srinagar:

5,200 feet in altitude (1,585 m)

Meals: Dinner there at the boathouse is included in the price of your stay on a houseboat.

The day before arrival, we begin the routine of informing the group, introducing you to other members of the group, and walking you through the schedule and plan for the following 10 days. After that, you’ll check into your houseboat and unwind for the day.

Day 2: 

From srinagar to sonmarg:

Distance travelled: 87 kilometres

Time required: 2–3 hours

9186 feet in altitude (2,800 m)

We start our adventure towards Sitkari with breakfast just at boathouse and lunch, tea, and supper at the campground. This will largely assist you in acclimating to the greater altitude you will be reaching in the coming days. 

The trip between Srinagar to Sonmarg & subsequently to Sitkari is breathtaking and offers several photo possibilities. You’ll pass through plains, scattered woods, and snow-capped mountains. In addition, we will take you touring to Zero Peak and Zoji La Pass. After exploring, you will return to our campground in Sitkari and spend the rest of the day relaxing by the lake.

Day 3: 

Trek to sitkari village:

13-kilometre trek

Time required: 4-5 hours

11,500 feet in altitude (3,505 m)

Staying at a campground

Brunch, lunch, tea & snacks, and supper are all included.

You begin your day earlier this morning and begin your hike to the Shokdhari campground. This route, which is flanked with maple and pine trees, is breathtakingly gorgeous in the fall and autumn. En way from the campground, you will see Sonmarg and many glaciers. You will be led down into the Nichani grazing area. The route we take down will be lined by Silver Birch trees. You’ll spend the night in the Nichani campground.

Day 4: 

Nichnai to Vishansar lake:

15-kilometre trek

Time required: 6-7 hours

12172 feet in altitude (3,710 m)

Staying at a campground

Breakfast, lunch, tea and snacks, and dinner are all included.

The walk to Vishansar Lake is indeed a hard hike that includes crossing the Nichani pass at a punishing height of 4,080 m. You make your way down to the Vishansar and Kishansar lakes, as well as the Vishansar campground.

Day 5: 

Trek to Vishansar lake to the Gadsar lake:

13-kilometer trek

Time required: 5-6 hours

13800 feet in altitude (4,200 m)

Staying at a campground

Meals are included: Breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and snacks, and supper

Today you will hike another 250 metres from Vishansar Lake to view Kishansar Lake. This lake is roughly 1-2 kilometres away from Vishansar Lake. Although the Vishansar as well as Kishansar lake are relatively near to one another, they are only visible as double lakes from the Gadsar pass.

Day 6: 

12 kilometre trek

Time required: 5-7 hours

Elevation: 11,810 feet (3,600 m)

Staying at a campground

Breakfast, brunch, tea & snacks, and supper are all included.

We start someone’s day early this morning and begin the walk with a tough rise into the Mengandong flatlands. You continue on your journey, passing through an army camp on your way to Satsar Lakes. 

Surprisingly, the Satsar waters are a cluster of seven lakes that form a waterfall. These lakes are largely nourished by melting mountain snow and become dry in the summer and fall.

Trek distance: 10 kilometres

Trek duration: 6 hours Altitude: 11,730 feet (3,575 m)

Staying at a campground

Breakfast, lunch, tea & snacks, and supper are all included.

The hike to Gangbal Lake today will put you to the test both physically and psychologically. To go to Gangbal Lake, begin your trip at Satsar Lake camping and traverse difficult boulder terrain, many ridges, climb mountains, and stop at a ridge at 3,570 m. You take a short rest here before continuing on your way to the last ridge at 3,000 metres. From here, you may get a magnificent view both Gangbal and Nundkol lakes, which appear to be twin lakes.

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