Camping In Jaisalmer: Enjoy Your Stay In Desert


Jaisalmer, often known as the Golden City of Rajasthan, is a princely state in Rajasthan located in the Thar Desert. Jaisalmer, perched in the middle of the soft golden sand, conjures up a gleaming image of pure alchemy and the desert’s captivating splendour. The Thar Desert is unquestionably one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Jaisalmer area, and visitors to this golden city seldom leave without seeing it. These days, there are a plethora of possibilities for staying in the desert. The Thar desert has it all, from simple tents to ultra-luxurious desert lodges. Evening cultural activities with folk music will win your heart no matter where you stay. All of the spots in Jaisalmer where you may go camping.

Locations of tourist interest:

1)     The primary attractions of the fort are the Jain temples, Laxmi Nath temple, and  Royal palace. Jaisalmer fort is one of the most famous forts in the country, with a large number of daily tourists.

2)     Lodhurva Jain temple: 

The Lodhurva Jain temple is located in the Lodhruva hamlet in the Jaisalmer district.

3)     The Jaisalmer Folklore Museum 

    The Jaisalmer Folklore Museum is located on the banks of Garsisar Lake in Jaisalmer. It is one of the state’s most well-known museums, including sections dedicated to photography and jewellery, among other things.

4)     Gadisar Lake : 

Gadisar Lake, also known as Gadaria Lake, is located in the Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan, India. It was erected by King Rawal Jaisal, the founder of Jaisalmer. Gadisar Lake, sometimes known as Gadaria Lake, is a lake in Rajasthan, India, located in the Jaisalmer district. It was built by Jaisalmer’s founder, King Rawal Jaisal.

5)   Salam singh ki Haweli ( Moti Mahal ) : 

This haveli is well recognised for its one-of-a-kind architectural design, which has a peacock-shaped roof accompanied with an attractive pavilion. To make the original haveli more large, majestic, and taller, Salim Singh built two extra storeys of wood. Jaisalmer Tuskers guard the Haveli’s entrances, which are composed of sand and stone and have a lifelike look.

Its construction features 38 balconies, each with its own distinctive design and walls decorated in Mughal imperial murals. Because the front aspect of the haveli resembles the stern of a ship, it is also known as Jahazmahal. There is also a ‘Moti Mahal’ within the haveli.

Desert Camps In Jaisalmer :

Desert Safari Camp:

Safari Camp in Jaisalmer is a real Rajasthani cultural experience.

Desert Safari Camp is one of Jaisalmer’s greatest and most affordable camps.

Desert Safari Camp offers a restaurant where they serve delectable Indian cuisine. “Desert Safari Camp” provides a comprehensive range of camp services and facilities, including swiss tents with connected bathrooms and 24 hour hot and cold running water.

With 14 Luxury Swiss Tents and 12 Superior Luxury Swiss Tents, Desert Safari Camp is one of the top desert camping resorts in Sam Sand Dunes. Tents are well-equipped with contemporary facilities as well as beautiful traditional décor. Swiss tents are especially developed to present visitors with a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

 Best Desert Camp

Best Desert Camp is a great spot to enjoy Tent/Camp Living. 

It is one of the most luxurious camps in Jaisalmer. 

It boasts a genuinely breathtaking expanse of sweeping sand dunes. 

It’s great to come here at sunrise or sunset, and many camel  safaris stay the night. 

A camel safari is the finest way to explore these and other things in and around Jaisalmer.

They provide a fenced-in and guarded camp with high-quality tents. Net panelled windows, surrounded with palm leaves and allowing free passage of fresh air, give protection from the weather. The large tents include electric lights and two single beds with mattresses and blankets.

Overnight camping in Jaisalmer entails sleeping in tents placed beneath star-lit sky. The tents are quite clean and comfy, with all of the comforts and equipment you would need during your overnight stay, including first-aid kits.


 This desert camp is located in sam Jaisalmer and is regarded as the greatest desert camp in Jaisalmer.

Chetram Desert Camp is located in Sam, just a short walk from the Sam Sand Dunes, and contains 40 camp sites and about ten air-conditioned cabins. This campsite has been named the best in its category.It is a low-cost desert camp, with prices ranging between $2,000 and $2,500 per person. The winter season is said to be the finest time to travel here.

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