Top 5 camping destination in karnataka


A great mix for the best camping experience! Hiking and caravanning. And you’re there to get a treat as campsites in a State like Karnataka. Paradise is largely concealed among the enchanting hills in green landscapes.

And you can double your chance with the caravan to stumble across the well-maintained mysteries of nature and see some incredible sights along your way.

For you to pick from, of course, we have suggested some of Karnataka’s best off-beat campsites.


Indeed, camping in Coorg is one of the best things to do, as it gives you the chance to blend into the peacefulness of the city. As there are exuberant green paths and calming vibes throughout the city, it becomes a suitable campsite. Situated in the south of Karnataka Coorg, the Scapes that it showcases are just beyond one’s imagination as Scotland of India. The proximity to Bangalore is another aspect which makes this trip the most famous and is only 250 km from there. People from around the world come to this beauty to enjoy the natural attraction.

There are several versions of Coorg campground, whether you’re a buffet who is searching for an adventurous escape or for a lighter version involving fishing and hiking, each is a victorious experience in that district. While such activities include trekking and rafting, other experiences include fire and dancing. You will trace the Tadiandamol Trekking Trail here, lined with a wide variety of wildlife.

You will find various species along the road as well as discovering the untamed upland corners.The campsite kits are very well suited to the needs of the holidaymakers. Any factor is taken care of, be it the pick-up and the decline or the food of lip-smacking. In addition to the basics, there are several ultra luxurious amenities. Not only can you pump adrenaline up yourself by attempting rafting on the Barapole River, which is also part of several campsites!

You can have a look at Western Ghats with Coorg camping and reveal the natural bounties. Which makes the campsite much more appealing to the coffee plant’s fresh, calming odor and the presence of tender coffee leaves.


This campsite is one of the best opportunities in Sakleshpur for people who want to enjoy the fresh air and calm landscapes. Located in the midst of glorious hills, Western Ghats offers tourists the opportunity to enjoy a cool climate. The surrounding area is surrounded by lush hills full of coffee, cardamom, pepper and areca plantations. There are rivers that cross Ghats to give all tourists a great view..

In Sakleshpur Camping your stay is spacious and comfortable. With the bed, mattresses, pillows and clothes are supplied for your convenience.The tents are available on a double or triple-sharing basis, depending on demand. The tents are nestled in a place where you can see the magic of the world and feel the ultimate rejuvenation. Sip a sip of tea or read a book and partake in events that will make it a shareable moment.

The platform provides several events, which will allow you to make your camping Sakleshpur a great time.

  1.  Ramanagara Camping

Camping in Ramanagara with adventure activities helps tourists to enjoy with great enthusiasm the lovely scenery. Located amidst lush green hills, the campsite is the ideal spot for relaxing with the cool wind. The lush green hills stretch to the viewpoint and give stunning panoramic views in this area. The campground also has a lake that gives visitors the ability to experience different adventurous water sports in calm, blue water.

The warm tents are waterproof so that you can have fun in all weather situations. The tents are situated in a place where tourists can see the beauty of nature and appreciate the time they spend. The tents are divided according to availability on a twin/triple basis for individuals.. The tents come with mattresses, pillows and sheets for extreme warmth. Popular washrooms have been built for the highest hygiene and cleanliness.


The estate offers lush green beauties and a quiet atmosphere within the Kudremukh National Park. The location is one of the safest ways to get away in an evergreen rainforest. You will be left hypnotized by a limited mosaic of golden grasslands and the meeting point of the rivers Tunga, Bhadra and Nethravathi. Beautiful forests, bakery, cardamom and areca groves make it a great place to visit.

Two resorts are available: tented cottage and sleeping accommodation. There are a total of 8 tented cottages and 14 bedrooms. The cottages and dormitories are communal and spacious and cozy. There are hygienic toilets in the house.

The property has different events to help you get the best out of it. The property houses various indoor and outdoor DIY sports. You should stroll in the center of nature to refresh your mind, body and spirit. Here you will notice a good variety of flying and chirping birds. Jeep safari and trekking can also be arranged at an extra cost.


This touristic destination is situated in the luxuriant green scenery of Kanakpura on a brief expanse of 60 km from Bangalore. The place is ideal for outdoor discovery and exciting entertainment for both adventures and lovers of nature. You could visit the place for a marvelous campsite experience or a holiday retreat and enjoy your loved ones to the max. In Bangalore, you will enjoy an ideal experience of ultimate serenity and calming vibes.

Enjoy a fun camping experience in spacious campsites, where lodging is given for two or three people. Sit down for the night with a warm sleep with new linen and pillows and sheets. Cool foam bed. The accessibility of toilets, separate for men and women, should also be encouraged. Enjoy the accommodation in a stable campus, with no lack of cleanliness and protection.

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