Kedarkantha trek Altitude and Terrain:-


In kedarkantha trek has high Altitude in that Abhinav Shenoy is experienced at the age of 12 years old. When he starts trekking the heavy Rain. He has completely wading the waist high snow. This could very bright and sunshine of this trek. In Sankri, the height is nearly 1,920m or 6,455 ft above sea level. Before we are staying the night at the places they are . GMVN guest house and Hotel Swargrohini palace are night staying places . The view of the village is splendid and is very beautiful and natural. It has the snow capped Mountains in the distance.

Weather of kedarkantha              

From degradation the journey is from 6-8 hours in a jeep or taxi. The cloudy slope has arrived for the skies. The weather was highly unpredictable in these places.I n Sankri was covered by rain. In those Mountains the snow will be looking forward to trekking. snow.In Sankri the late night evening restaurants are there . In that the india hikes arranges the food at huddled up. In the peaks of Mountains the entire night sky will be in rumble and skies the night . At that time the lighting was on and it could have rained heavily. The Ice was very cool. Thus anyone stuck in rain these restaurants will help with the raincoats. 

What you can do after dinner?

After dinner, I took a rest at the GMVN guest houses. In that cold with a shivering temperature there will be . The Kedarkantha weather was unconditional to be better for carrying raincoats , plastic coverages ETC we have to definitely carry them . In Sankri the temperature dips considerably . After dinner they arrive at the guest house .  The trek has fingers crossed with the hope of good weather. In this sky aslo so a surprising change and because the weather is also so clear. It has a nice breakfast such as Sandwiches , eggs and Sandwiches ETC. 

It has a snack bag also there. In this trek there were bamboo poles asli there. The warm up session has some briefing by Guides. The chadar frozen had the temperature gone down to -25 °. Around -5 to-10 ° is the night temperature of this trek. In this trek JKT to KK base camp also there. It consists of summit and final ascent also there. In that fresh snowfall at night. 

 Is kedarkantha terrain Safe?

 In the beginning of the trek all are pumped up and excited about it. It took 20 min to get extremely tired and felt like that only. In kedarkantha Terrain is considered as highly safe. This has also some marked places named as Well marked trails ,Well trodden routes, Gradual ascents , Well placed campsites and Easy and multiple exit points ETC . It has challenging sections that are so hard in that time it requires technical assistance aslo. This tricky section has a ridge walk closer to the summit . In this aspect some mitigates this trek. In normal altitude gain for places as campsites. In this steady pace and AMS less and getting a chance of it. This is shorter in length and altitude gain. 

This long of summit is to get opportunity and acclimatize aslo. That might occur and most AMS symptoms recover. The course of Diamond and curative would be an immediate step of it. This has ample rest also there. In that higher chances of recovering of symptoms. In order to descend the base camp of the present. In climb higher proceed beyond the 11,000ft, and it has a chance of HAPE/HACE also occurring. This trek was never present and had a running history. This has better mindful symptoms and nevertheless. 

If you love trekking then you can also do Kudremukh Trek in Bangalore as it is the Heaven of the south.

signal national park

This has the signal national park of the entire trek . The middle sections start from a steep gradient of short distance. It can ease itself. It can sever the route of narrow streams and becomes slippery and muddy of narrow streams. The encounter has several boulders of rocky patches and mighty Terrain. The steepest one of KM climbed the summit for the longest time. This Terrain has flora and fauna. This has a route of ample oak, walnut,chestnuts,maple and apple trees also there. In this trial it is fairly easy and Majority of little harder to ascend. 

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