Types Of Accounting Services

According to statistics, 90% of companies, including small and medium-sized companies, rely on the services of external accountants in Europe and the United States. The complexity of tax law and accounting requires the use of external accounting experts to impose severe penalties for violations and oversee the management of electronic documents.

Outsourced Accounts Service

The need for high-quality accounting and tax services has contributed to the growth of the outsourcing market. The outsourcing company offers its customers:

Counseling is a simple service. 

This method can also be used if the company has a regular accounting or finance department. External advisors help to understand difficult situations. Explain the changes in the current law. And assisting accountants with long-running routines with the necessary documents.

Choose Outsourcing

Choose Outsourcing This type of service transfers some of the accounting work to outside companies, such as preparing reports and calculating employees’ payrolls. Asset storage etc. is used by service managers who want to remove the accounting department from their full-time jobs or reduce the number of employees in the financial sector.

The full accounting outsourcing

The full accounting outsourcing firm handles all the responsibilities of the Accounting Bookkeeping Service department. In this case, the accounting department is not required. When choosing this type of account service it is important to consult the choice of a responsible partner and control the risks posed by outsourcing.

When deciding which account service to choose, it is important to consider the details of the organization’s financial functions and financial capabilities.

Advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing

When it is decided to transfer some of the accounting functions of the company and all the departments of accounting to a third party company. Managers should consider the advantages and disadvantages of this method of accounting. Benefits include:


Full-time accountant stuff, not to mention the accounting department, requires office supplies. The outsourcing company already has everything you need to provide accounting services: office supplies, software, etc.

Quality accounting contractors 

Quality accounting contractors work as a team, helping you respond quickly to legal changes. His experience in outsourcing accounting services allows us to automate all business processes.

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The presence of an innovative package of legal and accounting programs improves the quality of services provided and ensures effective accounting.

Provision of outsourcing services 

Provision of outsourcing services by contracts responsible for the work performed. This term defines the responsibility of the outsourced contractor for the work performed: accounting errors. Loss or damage to documents

What we offer

A “capital tax consultant” is a group of professionals who provide accounting services to companies. Our staff includes proprietary accountants. Auditors and lawyers who specialize in tax and labor law.

Accepting the company’s accounting department for outsourcing, we:

  • We developed the concept of accounting.
  • Maintain employee documents and records
  • We will fill out the account registration and basic documents.
  • Take care of payroll, banking, and cash operations.
  • We calculate taxes and prepare reports.
  • Represent the interests of consumers during tax audits.

Our extensive experience and teamwork principles allow us to resolve complex and common issues arising in the work of companies and businesses quickly and within a legal framework.


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